Zamora opened a simulation center for medical students

Governor Gerardo Zamora at the National University of Santiago del Estero’s School of Medical Sciences has inaugurated a simulation center “containing the latest equipment and technology that makes it among the best simulation centers in the country,” according to the attorney at the Presidency of Law.

“It is a center that recreates a true scenario for a healthcare center under standardized conditions that allow us to solve a clinical case and add a higher academic standard to our profession in medicine in Santiago del Estero,” added Zamora, who congratulated UNSE.

She also co-cut the tape, the interim chairperson of the National Senate, Claudia Ledesma de Zamora. Health Minister Natividad Nassif. Education Mariela Nassif; UNSE Dean Hector Paz; And the Dean of Normalization at the College of Medical Sciences, Eduardo Lien Alloub, among others.

The space is an exact replica of a healthcare center in its various states: pre-hospital care, with care and ambulance transportation; A guard room with three care boxes; Offices. Inpatient ward, intensive treatment, operating room; Maternity ward; And a room for developing skills and abilities.

The government and municipalities in Cordoba are strengthening strategies to confront the new phase of the epidemic

Córdoba government officials held a virtual meeting with mayors and community heads in the province with the aim of strengthening strategies for responding to the coronavirus epidemic based on the new epidemiological context, with an increase in positive cases and the presence of new cases. That enter the country.

The meeting was chaired by Health Minister Diego Cardoso and Government Minister Facundo Torres. The two officials raised to mayors and community leaders the necessity to continue work on the “tracking, virus identification, surveillance, and early care” axes. (Telam)

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