Zack Snyder Didn’t Talk to Warner Again After ‘Justice League’ Premiere

Zack Snyder and Warner Bros. They didn’t end well. The director and studio have been part of a very fruitful relationship, able to give us films like guards a 300, the binomial that allowed us to enjoy DC Cmic movies. After brand new Justice League Zack Snyder On HBO Max Everyone hoped to bury the animosities, creative tensions or disagreements that arose in the past and build new bridges, but none of that happened. We know that Snyder wrote a final sequel to 300 but it didn’t work. In fact, during the promotion army of the dead For Netflix, the director made it clear that the major had become too aggressive towards it. right Now, By Tyronne Magnus’ YouTube channelHe confirmed that since last March, no one from the study had spoken to him again. “It was complete silence.”, commented.

Warner and Snyder: Professional Relationship Didn’t End Well

“I haven’t heard from them! After the movie was released I didn’t receive a single phone call مكالمة. It was complete silence. The only contact was through a statement from Anne Sarnoff after the film was shown, but it was not directed at me directly but at everyone. “So I don’t know,” said the director. In fact, the president of Warner Bros. A statement about the success of the film, but They highlighted that it was the end of Snyder with the superheroes in DC CMics The forced epilogue began in 2013. Although the hashtag #RestoreTheSnyderCut managed to bring this uncut version of the film, it was hoped that #ReleaseTheSnyderVerse would allow the director to finish his story and make more of his Batman and Superman movie. But nothing could be further from the truth. Warner threw dirt from the road and took part in the operation put With Discovery to compete in flow.

“As far as I’m concerned, you have to see what happens with Discovery, which is great. All I know is that since yesterday Justice League Zack Snyder Returned to number one in the UKHe adds, leaving the door open for a sequel. The director does not give up, believes that the new trend in Pioneer It may help you catch up on your copy of DC Comics. but it is hard. Warner’s board of directors, with Sarnoff at the helm and with Walter Hamada, president of DC Films, Not satisfied with Snyder and want him away. Silence continues, but maker lollipop punch He continues to quietly build his world of zombies Netflix With varied sequences and prequels.

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