YPF increased unconventional oil production 73%

best practices

Avranty pointed out that “In recent years, impressive increases in productivity have been achieved following US best practices: the development cost (drilling a well) at Vaca Muerta has been reduced by 75% and the production cost by 74%.”.

Referred to the efficiency data, it is also highlighted The drilling speed increased by 35% and the breaking speed increased by 80%.

The investment of YPF and its partners since 2010 in Vaca Muerta has reached 24 billion dollarsDirector said. Besides this important investment made in the last decade, Only 3% of YPF accumulation in Vaca Muerta is under developmentWhere is it considered? ‘The potential is huge’.

The possibilities are precisely so great that It can only be thought of within the framework of a regional and international export project.

By utilizing the transport capacity (which is currently being built), Avrurte said, it will be possible to reach neighboring countries – Chile, Uruguay and Brazil – with oil and gas.

In particular, for “To open” The potential for developing unconventional gas production in Vaca Muerta, the Director referred to the short and medium term “cranes” to increase the transport capacity of the local and regional markets (Chile and Mercosur), the realization of projects in industrial areas (fertilizers), the expansion of the gas separation and fractionation plant and the storage of gas under the earth.

From a long-term perspective referred to the expansion of center Industrial (central) with abundant and competitive gas, implementation of new petrochemical and fertilizer projects and important LNG plant.


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