“Youth, a Divine Treasure …”: the moving reading of Robin Dario’s poem in 19 Voices of the World

Today marks International Book Day, and readers cling to literature to overcome the hardships of these troubled times. Perhaps the books are the answer to today’s questions. Could. As it is already a symbolic poem Robin Dario: Autumn song in spring.

The Centroamérica Cuenta Festival brought together famous authors from Europe and Latin America to celebrate World Book Day with a collective reading. Last year, it was Invitations to our Lord Don QuixoteAlso by the Nicaraguan poet.

On this occasion, they share (in order of appearance) :: Santiago Muñoz Machado (Spain), Sergio Ramirez (Nicaragua), Elena Pontuska (Mexico), Pablo Milanes (Cuba), Raul Zurita (Chile), Robin Blades (Panama), Isabel Allende (Chile), Luis Garcia Monteiro (Spain), Susanna Reed (Peru), Hector Abad Faciolince (Colombia), Rosa Montero (Spain), Carmen Aristighi (Mexico), Pablo Simonetti (Chile), Sandra Cisneros (United State), Leonardo Padura (Cuba), Carlos Vives (Colombia), Nilida Pinon (Brazil), Joaquin Sabina (Spain) and Bidad bonnet (Colombia).

Autumn song in spring

“Get out Santiago Muñoz MachadoDirector of the Royal Academy of Language, we were honored with the opening of the reading, and we have now added artists to the book, because music and poetry are part of the great cultural heritage of Latin America. A variety of sounds come together to celebrate the vitality and beauty of our great language, “he says Sergio Ramirez, Cervantes Prize 2017 and President of the Centroamérica Cuenta.

The result is a moving choral reading of an eternal and universal poem: “Young people, a divine treasure …”

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