Your mind controls your financial well-being – master it!

Our financial reality is a result of how we think about money. This is identical to the way we think about everything. If we want to change something, the best way is to dedicate ourselves to modifying the cause, not the consequences. We do not become rich or burdened with debt if we do not act, and this action is commanded by our thoughts, which in turn are generated by the connections of the brain formed throughout our lives.

There are two options: sing to be happy or sing to feel happy. Let’s go in parts:

• Sing to be happy: If we start with the automatic financial experiment, we can determine that what we are achieving is what we wanted to achieve, so we continue the same. If we are not happy with what has been achieved and continue to do the same, we will only increase what we have done (in many cases, restricted debt or welfare).

• Sing to be happy: I’ll call it turning off the autopilot. It’s time to master the reaction and activate the action. What I do takes me down a path that I don’t want and I want to take charge… It’s time to sing to change how I feel and therefore feel what I aspire to.

Let’s focus on the second option … Those in the first do not want to change anything, and there is no reason to suggest changes. Since changing habits takes time, scientists fight between 28 days and 6 months, let’s start making automated decisions that don’t require waiting for changes to start giving results.

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What do you dislike about what you have? Take action to correct it. If you don’t know how, it’s time to seek advice from someone who can guide you. Either with books or courses or the person who gets involved in the problem.

• If there are some debts that stress you: Learn how to get out of them.

• If you don’t have enough assets: Learn how to save automatically and systematically. And then you will have to get acquainted with the investments to multiply the savings.

• If you want to start or grow your business: Learn how to get productive or super productive loans, which I also call smart and super smart debt.

At the same time we begin to work our brain:

• To avoid falling into debt that stresses you: Find the reason for your entry and change the behaviors that led to it. Compulsive shopping? Don’t know how to handle a credit card? Do you make purchases with unproductive credits? etc.

• To create the capital you want: You will have to train your brain to increase income and investments. Utility training will change the way you think and lead to actions that translate into what you want.

• To have the mindset of a great entrepreneur: You must form in your mind the ways in which you can think of as a great businessman. Learn to make good use of the time, being a great manager, managing hiring and having an assertive team, etc.

If you want more about it, we’ll soon have an online tutorial where we’ll go in-depth and you can ask me questions. Thanks to the program we have with AFP Popular Plan Your Future, there is no cost to participate. Registration information is on my personal Instagram and Facebook page: @diegososasosa. I hope you don’t miss it.

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