Young Woman Plugs Her Boss Every Time She Leaves Work: ‘He Knows’

A worker from Canada recounted the decision she made after receiving it Misplaced request from her boss, while she was out of work hours. His story made thousands of users feel identified with him, who also added their testimonials.

The author of this story, Vanessa, has a TikTok account where she talks about personal finances and business. On this occasion, he chose to post content different from everyday life.

The young woman expressed her annoyance at her boss’ messages when she was no longer on duty. Her boss consulted her on some pending assignments, which upset the woman, who ended up blocking her boss so she wouldn’t take any more orders in her spare time.

The young tiktoker explained what happened to her boss.

“I’ve blocked my boss from calling me when I’m not working. I stayed home today because I’m sick and for some reason he thought he could write to me about work,” Vanessa said, adding that she didn’t respond.

The young woman also explained that she had two cell phones, one for work and the other for personal matters. The problem was that the boss spoke directly to his personal number. “I pay $45 a month to have a separate line of work, and my boss knows he can’t call my personal number. But sometimes it does and that’s why I blocked him.”

The young woman explained the controversy.

In addition, another problem was the insistence with which her boss wanted to contact her, despite her prohibition. Users left their messages in the comments section, but there was one who stood out by tagging the legal side.

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A user identified as a “potato lover” confirmed that in Ontario, Canada, it is illegal to contact employees outside of business hours.

Other comments

@wealthxlab’s video, with its respective story, has added over a million views. Thousands of traders attended to speak about the publication. A netizen said: “How bad.”

“My boss knows not to text me.”

Another said “I don’t blame you for what you did, on the contrary. He’s not your friend and at that time you weren’t working.”

A third party said, “In your case, I would tell HR because there is no reason for them to have your personal phone number.” Vanessa immediately responded, “It’s a small company. There’s no HR department.”

On the other hand, there were users who revealed similar situations. One woman said, “I talked to my boss about it because the fact that he was texting me after hours was making me anxious.”

Another person said “I congratulate you for what you’ve done. One day, I was home sick and my boss told me to go to work anyway. I told him to call my sick directly to ask him to leave my body.”

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