Young Sinaloan found dead in Canada

Young Victor Paz Lozoya, original from Guasaf, SinaloaThe authorities of that country, who had been missing in Canada since last year, reported that he was found dead in a river.

The announcement surprised his family, who still hoped to find the boy alive, but today (Monday) bad news arrived, and now they are waiting for support from the community. Mexican Chancellor In order to return Victor’s remains.

Paz Luzoya left Sinaloa In search of better living conditions, after arriving and settling in that country and finding work in a greenhouse, Guasavense had three children with his wife, who is Mexican-Canadian of Mennonite descent, in the city of LeamingtonThe place where he disappeared on January 31, 2020.

His family’s last contact with him was through instant messaging with his father, Victor Manuel Paz Beltron, through The WhatsAppAt 10 pm on December 31, New Year’s Eve, however, after the boy did not communicate again, the only clue they received from the authorities was Finding From the car he was traveling in.

They ask for help from a counselor

Since then the authorities have started searching for him, and unfortunately the news has not been encouraging for his family in the last hours. Vctor’s mother, Mrs. Atilana Lozoya, confirmed the news of Vctor’s death and expressed her regret that her eldest son was not able to return to his home in Mexico, in the community Adolfo Rose CourtenisWhere he came in pursuit of a better future.

The Victor family denounced that the Mexican authorities promised to support them to move to Canada, in order to find out more about the investigations, however, it is now too late to wait for the police to respond. External Relations Secretary (SRE) to be able to return his son’s remains to Sinaloa and find out what happened to him.

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At that time, it was Mexico Consulate On Leamington, he has tweeted a search alert with Vctor’s public data since January 19, 2021, however, in the final hours, after learning of the youngster’s discovery, he has not commented on his social media networks.


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