You will respect the time of the match

The topic arose when a fan noticed a certain character that should not be present in the game.

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DC Allen, Writer Hogwarts Legacy, Emphasize two places we won’t see in the game. The title stands at 19th century, a time never before explored in a world Harry Potter. Although the known details of the project are scarce, we know the developers will respect physical origin.

I didn’t know about Whomping Willow, this is a newbie bug.DC Allen, Hogwarts legacy writerSomething Allen made clear again in his remarks. One of the game’s followers on social media mentioned the appearance of a file Boxer Sauce, the living tree that inhabits Hogwarts, in one of the game’s promotional art Its presence in the game would be incorrect, because the mentioned tree Not planted until 1971Allen responded to this person’s note.

“Newbie mistake,” Allen said, and, in passing, also mentioned scream house, which was also not present during that time. Details like this may go unnoticed by some, but the Hogwarts Legacy team has no plans to leave it behind. Continuity errors in the title.

Hogwarts Legacy ad continues to run between most watched On the PlayStation Channel and author of Harry Potter books, J.K. RowlingAnd did not arrive In this original story. The game will arrive sometime in 2022.

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