You can now try Street Fighter 6 for free! Capcom announces a surprise demo, though it’s not hitting all platforms right now – Street Fighter 6

Today, Capcom announced that the Street Fighter 6 beta is available now on PS4 and PS5, but will hit all other platforms on April 26th.

One of the most anticipated titles by fighting game fans is Street Fighter 6, and although it is still a few weeks away from its release, the title Now you can have fun. A few hours ago Capcom held a Street Fighter 6 Gallery Where he commented on some of the news coming to the title, but what surprised us most was the announcement of the demo.

Capcom fired by surprise Street fighter 6 demo It could be the video game now Tested on PS4 and PS5. However, everyone who wants to play on Xbox series X | S or on PC Wait until April 26th. For now, players will be able to use the World Tour mode for several days, but it will be somewhat limited as it will offer some features as part of the demo.

So you can Create your own avatar And you will have the opportunity too Transfer it to the full game when it is launched. We can practice with Luke and Ryu in the character guide, according to PC Gamer. This must be clarified Multiplayer is not available yet, so you will have to wait until June 2nd to fight against your friends or other users. If you are new to the Street Fighter saga, you will have the opportunity to learn the basic fighting mechanics.

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More details about Street Fighter 6

A few months ago we were able to provide some first impressions of Street Fighter 6. Capcom wants to be more ambitious when bringing new players to the saga, but We won’t forget our most loyal users. The Japanese company will give them a game as compensation for accompanying the franchise for so long.

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