You can delete WhatsApp statuses quickly

The WhatsApp It’s a new job You can quickly delete the status after sending it, an attractive novelty that is not yet available to anyone because it is in the beta version of WhatsApp for Android.

Although it is true that if you upload a WhatsApp status for those that last 24 hours, you can delete them later, this function will speed up this deletion further because only when you send said status This new “Undo” button will appear So you can delete it in seconds.

Otherwise you have to wait for it to be published, enter the status, then in the options and delete, then it is likely that someone has already seen it, and this is one of the few sections in your WhatsApp profile that you can see who sees it and who does not.

Alternatively, with the new option “Undo” that will appear after the status has been published according to WABetaInfo, You can remove it in 1 or 2 seconds Mostly because you only have to click to delete it completely and thus make sure no one can see it in case you make a mistake.

How many times have you downloaded a file Status to WhatsApp And you removed it after a few seconds because it wasn’t what you wanted to upload, incomplete or whatever? It has surely happened to you on more than one occasion and now you have the opportunity with the “Undo” button to remove it immediately.

One-time removal It is WhatsApp itself that tells you that your status has already been deleted It will not appear. This is similar to Gmail’s “Undo” option, which is an option that lets you delete a message after you’ve sent it.

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son Useful options for users It improves the experience, and while it’s not great stuff, the small details are where the difference is and this is one of them. At the moment, you should know that it is not available in the stable version, only in the beta version of WhatsApp.

Can you join the trial version of The WhatsApp And you will definitely see New undo button to delete cases, but you can wait for it to be edited with the rest of the files WhatsApp news coming soon And this is not a few specifically, they are all very interesting and users will love it.

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