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Yeni Fernanda Alvarez Caicedo He has a long way to go, as he will go through his first and difficult season in Paris, in 2024, when he will play the Olympic Games.

This challenge, the challenge between his eyebrows, fuels him day after day, day after day, training by training and in competition.

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Alvarez was born on May 24, 1995 in Cali, Valle del Cauca, and had a year full of gold and victories with which she confirmed that she was on the right track for Paris, her highest goal at the moment in the sport.

old potential

He won the gold medal in the snatch, clean and jerk of 59 kilos in the last Bolivarian games And de Valledupar was crowned champion in the same division South American Games Asuncion (Paraguay).

Yenny Fernanda also had another challenge in 2022: the World Cup, and that was not only because it was a true test of what was to come, but also because the tournament was in Bogota, played at home and he gave her guidance on how she would compare to the opponents she would face in two years’ time. Today came. The Colombian’s response to nepotism. Alvarez lifted 133 kilograms to take first place in the jerk, and with 101 of the snatches, he took gold in the overall with 234.

Kuo Hsing-Chun, from Chinese Taipei, I kept the money, while Maud Sharon, from CanadaI got bronze.

The result is good, because not only did he achieve the goal, but winning the aggregate gives him an important clue for Paris, for which the aggregate will be rewarded.
It is clear that Alvarez Caicedo must achieve his goal, that he has the basis of what he has learned and all the capabilities to do so.

He has to work out, it’s true, but he has an advantage: the 59 kilos he’s lifting is Olympic class, so he doesn’t have to make efforts to gain or lose weight to face the competition.

For the above, Yeni Fernanda is, according to EL TIEMPO, the second best female athlete in the country.

What does 2022 mean to you?
I am very satisfied with what you did. The results we planned for have been achieved. They were desirable targets and that makes me happy and calm.

And what about your future?
This gives me peace of mind while watching the Paris Olympics. It’s a plus, because I was able to do it in a very demanding Olympic class at the same time.

What is the key?
There are many things; In addition to what I have already mentioned, it must be said that these efforts that I have made with coach Luis Arrieta are bearing fruit and I have confidence in the future. I owe him many things and with him I always support myself.

The Olympics is his goal

What’s next?
Let’s go step by step. I can’t say what I calculated, the obvious thing is that I have to continue training in the best way, in good conscience. Because the cycle is short and we can’t compete in all upcoming tournaments, that’s why you have to plan every step.

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She is one of the best athletes of the year…
I worked so hard for all of this. The results speak for themselves and it makes me very calm. Well, this recognition pleases me, because it is an example for children, for new generations of weights.

Speaking of the World Cup, what did you need to get off to a better start?
It was good, I can’t say it was bad, because we didn’t get a medal. The last attempt didn’t pan out, but that gives me the opportunity to keep working on technical gestures and tweaks day by day. I think I felt good, because I was going the way it was, but we have to fix the technical problem, which has been hurting me.

The course is short What are the plans?
We’ll have to wait and sit down with Arrieta to decide what we’re going to do. We have to shorten everything, because the course is not the same as before, we only have a year and a half for Paris, so we have to design the right plan. There are many competitions, the Central American and Caribbean Games, the Pan American Games, the World Cup, the Qualifiers, in short.

And towards Paris?
The course is short. It’s not the four years we had before. Tokyo was in 2021 and the next games in 2024, which is only three years and there is a lot of competition. You have to see what is most appropriate, we can’t go to all competitions, you need to be aware of that or we can throw out the plan.

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You had a doping problem, what would you analyze today?
I am interested in the present, I do not like to remember the past. It was a complicated issue, because when athletes are in trouble they are let go, some take the road to retirement because they feel lonely.

Do you lack support?
Hard. I could not move forward without support. One has to have the courage to face these issues. I tell those who start sports that you have to get up from those hard knocks in life, but I also have a message for the people who surround my athletes: Never leave them alone.

What is the use of all that he went through?
I think about how the sport began. I have been training since I was 14 years old, which has helped me motivate myself. I arrived in Bogota and this land saw me born as an athlete, I represent it and that fills me with motivation. Many people shook my hand here.

Lisandro Rengifo
Journalist EL TIEMPO

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