Yellowstone: When will the 1883 cowboy series and prequel hit Netflix

Yellowstone recently finished its fourth season. The hit cowboy drama will begin filming its fifth installment in a few months as fans around the world wonder if it will make it to Netflix alongside its prequel 1883.

YellowstoneCowboy Drama Paramount Network Created by Taylor Sheridan and premiered in 2018, it is currently enjoying worldwide success. The series revolves around John Dutton, the owner of the largest cattle ranch in the United States, the head of the family and the protector of his lands that have been inherited for several generations.

When will the Yellowstone Cowboys and its 1883 prequel series arrive on Netflix

In the series, he plays the patriarch of the Dutton family Kevin Costner Since the first season aired in mid-2018, and the fourth part of it ended on January 2, leaving the door open for more stories to be told. Now, the crew and cast are preparing to start production on the upcoming episodes in May of this year.

Shortly after its premiere, Yellowstone became one of the most-watched series of this genre on television in recent decades. So much so that the same drama creator developed an introduction 1883, a series with a large cast and high standing and tells the lives of John Dutton’s ancestors and how they became owners of the farm currently responsible for the character Costner.

1883 premiered on December 19 through broadcast platform Paramount +And it’s a championship Sam Elliott, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Isabel May, Lamonica Jarrett and Mark Raisman. Also, a new series is expected to be called 6666 Also get full season ordering on Paramount Network, Yellowstone’s official network.

It’s unlikely that Yellowstone and its 1883 percussion hit Netflix right now

The first three seasons of Yellowstone are available on the platform peacock The fourth batch of the program is expected to be added to the catalog of services in the summer of this year. Many fans keep wondering if the Kevin Costner series will come to Netflix, something that seems highly unlikely at the moment due to the complexities with streaming rights.

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For 1883 whats on Netflix reports that there will be no licenses for Peacock’s new cowboy series or Netflix, as the prequel is one of Paramount+’s exclusives, whose licenses have been negotiated with ViacomCBS. As a result, the series will only be available on Paramount+, and even if it does eventually make it to VOD services, it’s highly unlikely to make it to Netflix.

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