Yellen said more mergers may be necessary

This was confirmed by the Treasury Secretary in a meeting with the CEOs of the banks held on Thursday.

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen He told the bank’s chief executives on Thursday that More mergers may be necessary after a series of bank failuresaccording to what was reported by the news channel on Friday CNN.

Yellen reaffirmed the strength and integrity of the country’s banking system in a meeting with banks’ CEOs on Thursday, it reported Thursday. Treasury department It’s a statement.

Called the meeting with more than twenty executives before Banking Policy Institute This came at a time when the banking sector was suffering after several weeks of turmoil sparked by the bank’s sudden bankruptcy. Silicon Valley Bankwhich prompted regulators to take over two other bankrupt institutions and back uninsured depositors in an effort to quell contagion fears.

Some sources said that the US Treasury report did not mention bank mergers CNN that There was talk of monotheism.

Two-year Treasury yields fell about 11 basis points Thursday after the report, while 10-year yields fell about 5 basis points.

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