Yamaha Cyber ​​Rally: Sci-Fi MT-09

MT-09 Cyber ​​Rally

Hand guards as a small wingsWe don’t know if it’s a reference to the bike of Fabio Quartararo and his company. A naked model who somehow has “wings” does not cease to amaze him. Already, Street Rally had some handguards and a lampshade over the lamp. In the pictures, these parts appear to be made of carbon fiber but we do not rule out that the plastic modules that achieve success are chosen so that the costs do not rise significantly.

The aesthetic details of the MT-09 Cyber ​​Rally continue together Hama The large radiator on both sides of the bike has three cooling holes. Both the beacon area and these visors give it a personality. Another piece that changes with respect to the series model is the exhaust, which in this case appears to be Akrapovich.

The attention to detail is great and some of the pieces don’t have a single color, but they gradually change in order to get a more impressive picture. Japanese web buddies images autoby.jp Not all details appear clearly because “booth“It was in a dark area. Which color did not contribute too?”Dark Blue? from the model.

The creators of Cyber ​​Rally say the goal was “Achieving a new balance between the “face” and “body” of the bikeIt is not clear whether we are dealing with a simple ‘motorcycle saloon’ or a product that will be so commercial, or at least the pieces to make the conversion. It was a success in Osaka Hall, so we are optimistic about it.

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