Yacyretá started the streak affected by the 2019 cut

The works included the rehabilitation of field 15 of the SF6’s 500 kV insulated substation (GIS), which was affected by the overvoltage recorded during the recent breakdown of the Argentine SADI system, and on the other hand, the upgrading of protection and associated. Telecommunications.

Required tasks 113 working days, with the intervention of Japanese technical advisors from Mitsubishi Corporation (Original Manufacturer of Parts Supplies and Services) as well as supervision and work in the electrical area of ​​the plant, mechanics, protection, communications, logistics and security.

Protection update consists of Line Argentina Nº3 . Protection Devices Replacement, System 2, at the end of the hydroelectric station and at the end of Rincón Santa María ET.

Brand new Siemens protection equipment has been supplied by Voith and updated by Protection Zone, with the help of other fields and sectors.

Likewise, improvements have been made to the Yacyretá-ET Rincón Santa María communication system by replacing one of the traditional guard wires of Argentina Line 3, with another analogue equipped with optical fibres, for remote protection, communications, voice and data services.

The supplies were received at the hydropower plant within the stipulated delivery period, but As a result of this pandemic, the cooperation of the Argentine Embassy in Japan was required, the Argentine Immigration Directorate and the Executive Directorate itself so that the Japanese technical advisors can be in Yasereta last July.

At 7.06 on the third Sunday of June 2019, coinciding with the celebration of Father’s Day, a succession of failures produced in just 30 seconds caused the largest blackout in the country’s history.

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It was after him among specialists that earned him the name “blackout of the century”, because it was so wide that it bypassed the Argentine territory and spread to the sectors of Brazil and Uruguay, and due to the influence of 50 million people, it exceeded the population of the country. .

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