xQc moves to Canada after facing defamation issues

today, xQc He is one of the most famous faces Twitter all over the world. This, unfortunately, involves a series of problems that are sometimes difficult to solve, even affecting some aspects of private life.

On more than one occasion, the broadcaster has had to change home after netizens They will filter your sitewhich led to him being subjected to robbery attempts, fights with neighbors or quarrels with the police.

Apparently, xQc has once again fallen victim to Douxing, the name by which the phenomenon in which private information about a public figure is leaked. As a result, the creator was forced to return to CanadaYour country of birth.

This move, yes, will last for a short time, as xQc itself announced on its social networks. Going back to Canada for a while. The new setting, again. Everything is back to normal with better schedules,” he commented on his Twitter account.

At the moment, it is not known when the live broadcast will return to the United States, although many of his followers suggest that he may come to live More Bedouin lifeTrying to avoid all this kind of leaks.

Of course, this is a rather serious problem which, unfortunately, is not the first time we have heard of and affects it Lots of charactersincluding some from the Spanish-speaking community.

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