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Tijuana, Baja California. Xolos won again after not doing so for five dates.

After a draw with Monterrey and losing to Tigres, America, Pachuca and Santos, the 3-1 match against Queretaro began appearing very early on Saturday evening at the Caliente Stadium.

In the first minute of the match in Round 12, Tijuana was already winning thanks to a ball cleared from David Barbona to Chistian Rivera, who found the center of his shot header Fidel Martinez, who scored his first goal.

Three minutes later, another good ball, in this case sent by Fidel Martinez, beat the backs of the Querétaro defense and was resolved first, with a powerful shot, by Mauro Manutas.

But the ghosts reappeared in the red and black ranks when, just in the sixth minute, Victor “Toro” Guzman failed to stop Jefferson Montero’s cross and convert it into an own goal.

When the vertigo faded in those first minutes, goalkeeper Jill Alcala missed a cross pass that apparently did not carry with him an even greater risk to become Fidel Martinez’s second score, at 30.

Pablo Guidi returned to Estaban Pavez as Christian Rivera’s companion in recovery, and it was only modified by the absence of the suspended Gonzalo Gara and the one who was called up to the Mexican pre-Olympic team, Vladimir Lauronia, and replaced by Eduardo Terceiro. Jimmy Gomez.

In the second half, there was little action for the goalkeeper, Jonathan Orozco, who fired a direct shot by Kevin Ramirez already when the match ended, at 83, while Tijuana suggested but lacked depth in the first minutes. Stop bothering the struggling kala generation.

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Referee Fernando Hernandez did not score a foul on Jimmy Gomez inside the visitor’s area during the first half, in addition to canceling two goals: one against Mauro Manutas for offside by striker xoloitzcuintle at 78, the same position in which he surprised Jonathan Doss. Santos, of Gallus, in 89.

Xolos, with 16 points in eighth place moments in Guard1anes 2021, will visit Atlas on Saturday; Gallus, stationed with 14 units, will receive Tigres.


Jonathan Orozco, Jimmy Gomez, Victor Guzman, Eduardo Terceiro, Brian Angolo, Esteban Pavez, Christian Rivera, Junior Sornosa, David Barbona (Marcel Ruiz, 68), Fidel Martinez (Edgar Lopez, 86) and Mauro Manotas.

DT: Pablo Guidi.


Gilles Alcala, Antonio Valencia, Daniel Cervantes, Martin Rea, Omar Mendoza, Kevin Escamela (Javier Ibarra, 60), Fernando Madrigal, Jefferson Monteiro (Gonzalo Montes, 45), Kevin Ramirez, Angel Sepulveda and Hugo Silvera (Jonathan Doss)).

DT: Hector Altamirano.

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