Xenophobic comments against Venezuelans on social networks increased by 500% as a result of statements by Claudia Lopez.

Statements by the Mayor of Bogotá, Claudia Lopez, against Venezuelan citizens residing in the Colombian capital, After police patrolman Edwin Carew was killed, during surveillance last Wednesday, they continue to influence public opinion.

On the TV news program Citynoticias of the local City TV channel in the Colombian capital, they consult with the Right to Not Compliance, which tracks posts in social networks about citizens of Colombia’s sister country, They noted that xenophobia through virtual media increased the day Lopez leveled the accusations against the Venezuelans.

We had a 500 percent increase in xenophobic comments nationwide. Words like plague, rats, and killers were a ‘common topic’ in Colombia.Alejandro Dali, Coordinator of the Right to Disobedience, said at Citynoticias.

These reactions, reported in Bogotá News, occurred 5 hours after Claudia Lopez first posted on Twitter. He stated, “Bogota police and the security secretariat confirm that while carrying out surveillance in Chapinero, documents were requested from the people who returned fire. A policeman and one of the attackers were killed in the attack. The other Venezuelan assailant was captured and two weapons were seized.

At ten in the evening, the first peak of what we call an early warning in xenophobic levels is created. However, the catalysts were the statements he made on Thursday and we saw a climax about two hours later, already at 9 am we had a “trending topic” in Colombia related to immigration issues, “Daly added.

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At the time, the mayor said: “Everything is offered to the Venezuelans, what guarantees do we Colombians have (…) We have very violent acts of Venezuelan immigrants, this is not a question of theft. First they kill, then they steal.”

Citynoticias also highlighted this Although anti-xenophobic comments increased following the mayor’s remarks, comments in favor of Venezuelan immigration also increased by 1,100%. In defense of the citizens of the brotherly country.

Any messages from people who criticized the statements as xenophobic and gave messages of support to migrants.Dali explained.

They noted in Citynoticias that these mayor statements were rejected by the President of the Republic’s border director, Lucas Gómez García.

“It is stigmatizing a part and population in need of protection”The official said in the Colombian capital news.

Also in Citynoticias permit the Director of Immigration in Colombia, Juan Francisco Espinosa, who He stressed that when the law to protect immigrants from Venezuela comes into effect, the entry of criminals will be prevented more effectively.

“It will create a safer country for us where we have a better identification of all these infinitely good Venezuelan immigrants, to separate it from those few instances of criminality.”Espinosa noted on City TV

All these criticisms were joined by former President Alvaro Uribe, who said through his Twitter account: “The crime belongs to the person and not to the brotherly nationality.”

In Bogotá News, they cite the numbers for Migración Colombia as there is a record 1,742,927 Venezuelans in the country, and 340,711 of them reside in Bogotá. In 2020, 1535 citizens of the sister country were expelled, according to the data of that entity.

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