Xbox celebrates the revamped Halo Infinite graphics by Craig, the most popular meme

The infamous Brute led to endless jokes about the game’s bad looks at his 2020 show.

It’s been over a year since then fluctuating display Where we were able to see her first gameplay and campaign mode. The game showed a poor visual section which resulted in many memes that stood out from among them Brute is dubbed by fans as Craig. Despite the implicit criticism in the meme, from 343 Industries They were friendly with jokes, it is included Apply for the best montage with personality.

Brutal has become a notorious butt of ridiculeDespite the jokes, 343 Industries took criticism seriously and Promise to improve the overall look of the game, while acknowledging that They had work to do. in the meantime, Phil SpencerShowing off his usual cuteness, he kept joking with Craig, even talking about making him the new mascot for Xbox.

343 Industries promised to redesign Craig343 Industries were still working on the renewed visual section they promised and admitted though They liked the character After all the jokes, savages He will have a great transformation. Finally, the company introduced Your new game, removing doubts about what Master Chief’s new adventure will look like.

After the new show, they didn’t stop coming Comparisons With his old look through the famous meme of “How it started versus how it goes”, joined by the official Xbox account on Twitter, to compare the two sides of the well-known Brute. Craig has undergone a remarkable redesign With a polished optical finish and numerous new details. Remember that if you want to know more about the new version of the popular Xbox franchise, you are there Our impressions of the multiplayer game Halo Infinite.

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