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The writers’ strike in the United States continues to affect productions Hollywood. Sci-fi or fantasy films are also not exempt, and they are forced to suspend their recordings.

Thousands of Hollywood writers are currently out of work, which is why the production of entertainment content has slowed the filming of tapes. Screenwriters are asking for more competitive salary increases, more job security and restrictions on the use of artificial intelligence.

The evening entertainment programmes, which are scripted during the day, have already been affected. Series like “Saturday Night Live,” which used to bring the news every week to its viewers, is crippled. If the offense is not resolved soon, it will be the next affected series, which will delay the recording of new episodes.

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What sci-fi shows will be affected by the strike?

1. Stranger Things | Season 5

The fifth and final season of the hit Netflix series Stranger Things, which started as a tribute to the horror films of the 1980s, will not arrive in the time estimated by its followers through the streaming platform. The fifth installment will not be filmed until after the strike ends. This was announced by the creators Matt and Ross Duffer.

If the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) and the Writers Guild of America (WGA) reach an agreement, filming will be possible. Otherwise, there will be no more trips to Hawkins until the writers’ strike ends.

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2. Chapter | Season 2

This is one of the most popular shows of the past year. “Severance” is an Apple TV+ branded drama about a group of workers who have no memory of their lives when they work in the office. The series was well received by critics and fans alike after its first season.

Severance reported delays even before the strike began. It was said that there were problems on the set with the book. Director and producer Ben Stiller denied this.

3. Knight of the Seven Kingdoms: Knight of the Hedge

HBO is working on two Game of Throne prequel series. One of them is “House of the Dragon”, broadcast in 2022. The second season was already in the middle of filming, until the Writers’ Union called a strike. HBO decided to continue filming. The scripts have been completed and this will not be an obstacle to recording the series, according to the platform .

On the other hand, HBO is also working on an adaptation of the “Dunk and Egg” novels by author George R.R. Martin, which will be called “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms,” and it’s about a knight and a squire who travels through it. Westeros is about 90 years before the events of ‘Game of Thrones’. This will be written by Ira Parker, who wrote about the first season of “House of the Dragon,” but given the context of the hit, we can say that the series is on hiatus at the moment.

4. Blade

One of the most famous films affected by the strike is “Blade”, a Marvel production starring Mahershala Ali. This isn’t the first time the film has been delayed. The filmmaker was hired to adjust the script weeks before the strike. There was not enough time to complete his work and Marvel had to delay recordings until the strike was over. This does not happen with all his films, as others are filmed or in production, without the intention of paralyzing him.

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Blade joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Mahershala Ali as the lead. (Image: Marvel Studios)

5. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds | Season 3

There’s a new season of “Star Trek: Stranger New Worlds” coming to Paramount+ on June 15th. Paramount hoped to advance recording of the third season through May 2. However, on the same date the writers’ strike was called.

According to TrekCentral, filming was delayed due to strike conditions. Paramount would consider continuing the recordings without having writers on set. This idea wouldn’t materialize because Strange New Worlds is filming in Canada, where another union of film and television writers sided with the Writers Guild of America (WGA), so they wouldn’t have enough people on set.

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