Worst Vampire Comedy Ever – Compass 24

By Fernando Quiroga
special for compass 24
Miami, Florida, United States.

The genre that started with Dracula and its impact on Hollywood
Vampires, is the endless mecca of gold for the world
entertainment. So, there are vampire series and movies without it
Of course, hold back on anything good and bad.
The thing we’re going to be eating today is Day Shift (believe me.
I’m exaggerating), perhaps the worst in the immeasurable world of canines.
The current vampires in the California Valley are hunters of these monsters
who trade teeth for hundreds of dollars; unexplained
Denominations of different races within a society
They drink plasma, and (one of the most terrible ideas) are vampires who
Walking in the West Coast Sun With Sunscreen…

without words. And beyond the strong performance of Jamie Foxx (outstanding
The doer of commerce who can do anything, and in good health) and its essence
A character in fiction (a deserted vampire slayer has a week
To raise money to pay for classes and his dentist
daughter), the film finds a way to drown in its shortcomings.
For example, the idea of ​​a vampire slayer union is
Interesting, and even picturesque, however, the approach to it is
Poorly achieved, misuse of techniques that do not contribute anything substantial or in
Dialogues or general plot.

The general idea of ​​the movie is original, but it ends because of how it looks
Being very strange and untidy hideous. only credit
Positive is the opening fight between Foxx and an old woman who is a vampire; Situation
who loves and tends to enjoy comedy, and who ends up being a

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In other words, don’t waste time looking at it.

After all, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” wasn’t that bad.

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