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Science is the tool that humans use to understand the world around them and apply that knowledge to their advantage. Due to its importance, every November 10 of every year .

This date was suggested in world science conferenceheld in Budapest at 1999. In this place, various commitments were made regarding science and the use of scientific knowledge for the benefit of societies.

It wasn’t even 2001When UNESCO General Conferencethat the date was set as a way to renew a previously agreed international commitment.

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The purpose of this World Day is Highlighting the role of science and emphasizing its responsible use for the benefit of societiesIn particular, for the eradication of poverty.

Similarly, this ephemeris seek Raising public awareness of the importance of science and bridging the gap between science and society.

Every year, World Flag Day for Peace and Development Promotes informing citizens of scientific developmentsand creating more sustainable societies, while promoting an understanding of the fragility of the planet we live on.

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Objectives of the World Science Day for Peace and Development

  • Renewed international commitment to using science for the benefit of society.
  • Promote collective awareness of the importance of science in peaceful and sustainable societies.
  • Promoting solidarity for science sharing between countries.
  • Bringing science closer to society.
  • Increase scientific support.

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“Basic Science for Sustainable Development”

In 2022, the World Science Day for Peace and Development is celebrated under the slogan: “Basic Science for Sustainable Development”as part of the International Year of Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development, which began on 8 July 2022.

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The Prepare for this date to organize a Web Talk It will bring together six eminent scientists from different fields of basic science, who will discuss how their research has contributed to solving problems related to sustainable development.

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