World Money Week 2022 brought together more than 30,000 young people

Like every year, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) held World Money Week, where the main focus was on generating Financial awareness, knowledge, skills and attitudes among girls, boys and young adults, to help them manage their money wisely And that they can make sound decisions about their income.

Among the participants, he highlighted the work of Banco Azteca’s financial and business education programme, “Aprende y Crece”, to help improve the finances of the youth sector, through webinars, menus, downloadable lists, an interactive website, digital tools and specialized content . .

It should be noted that the program managers reported that they recorded visits from more than 10 countries; Primarily to its digital educational platform (, its YouTube channel, infographic downloads, and interactions on social networks.

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Among the countries most involved and interested in the information mentioned were Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, and the United States, which led visits to the events in general. The “Aprende y Crece” program addressed young people from various strategic alliances at the governmental and educational levels in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and Panama and the institutions involved by the state were:


  • Polytechnic University of Puebla
  • Conalib
  • Mexican Institute of Entrepreneurs


  • National Autonomous University of Honduras (UNAH)
  • National Banking and Insurance Authority (CNBS)
  • city ​​woman
  • Emprende Foundation / Junior Achievement Honduras
  • Allied Foundation


  • Bank of Guatemala
  • NEGU
  • Emprende Foundation / Junior Achievement Guatemala
  • commit


  • Panama Banks Supervisory Authority

The main topics that got the most audience were: Savings, Credit, Entrepreneurship, Digital Banking, and Cyber ​​Security, Where did they learn how much to save? How do you pay off your debts? How do credit cards work? How do you start a business? To highlight a little.

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For this reason, Banco Azteca learns and grows, each year focusing its efforts to provide diverse educational options and simple methods for all residents to nurture and improve their finances.

For this reason, you will be participating in the 9th edition of SEFIME Week of Comprehensive Financial Education for Mexicans Abroad (SEFIME), where you will present webinars, podcasts and mentoring activities on banking, saving and sending remittances from the US and Canada to Latin American countries such as Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and Panama from 25 Until April 29 through its online portal

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