World Cup Qatar 2022: An Argentine asks for food and drink water from the fountains so that he does not spend money

The Argentina national team arouse passion World Cup Qatar 2022 There is no economic crisis that can drive the masses crazy. This is the case Lucas Villarroel, the young man who has traveled to the Asian country enough. He only has a thousand euros to stay, he sleeps in a tent, He orders food and drinks water from the fountain He plans to stay until the final if the Argentine national team manages to reach the decisive match.

Lucas from Trelew and in a month and a half he has covered 24,000 kmreal trip included Stops in Lima, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Paris, Turkey and finally Qatar, The country he arrived in on September 7. “On August 1st I was already in Spain; I came early because I didn’t have tickets and I missed three flights and that’s how we are at a low cost” TyC Sports.

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Qatar 2022. Lucas survives as best he can to enjoy the World Cup (Photo: TyC Sports).

“I got here with a thousand euros. I went three days without sleeping because they kicked me out. I asked for food and lodging, and there are water sources here. I want to hold out until the end to see if I can get a ticket to the final. You have to make an effort because the reward will be great.” He revealed in the interview that food is cheap, but housing is expensive.”

Along the way Lucas met people from all over the world. In his first weeks in Qatar, he was hosted by people from Syria and Jordan: “They like us Argentines very much.”

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“I’m moving so as not to attract the attention of the police”

Lucas confirms that he sleeps in a tent and that At night he wanders around the city so the police won’t find him. “I take a break for an hour or two, and then go to the malls or food restaurants that work around the clock to charge the mobile phone or connect to the Internet. I move so as not to attract attention. To come here, I sold an old truck that belonged to my grandfather, I don’t care about anything anymore.”

  • Trelew, Esquel, Chubut, Present Wig, Qatar 2022The Argentine flag carried by Lucas Villarroel, the “low-cost” Argentine fan, all over Qatar
The flag carried by Lucas Villarroel all over Qatar.
The flag carried by Lucas Villarroel all over Qatar.

Request to Julian Alvarez

look He has a friend named Nacho Spinito who overcame a serious health problem He promised that he would sign Julian Alvarez. Both are River fans and regularly travel to Buenos Aires to go to the Monumental. “They found a tumor in his head and he was unable to attend the World Cup,” he said.

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Six months ago I wrote two or three letters to Julian Alvarez. Let’s see if it can. I sent him pictures, he was elated. I went to see him when they played the Manchester City-Barcelona match, I was there on the field. My friend Ignacio is fine and every day I tell him “Wait for me”. It’s in Esquel,” he explained.

Then use the cameras Terms and Conditions To inform the Manchester City striker of Manchester City’s plight: “Julian please. It’s a promise I must keep. Half way has already been fulfilled, but I still need it. And this (pointing to the right arm) is Leo Messi’s signature. I have a tattoo artist here so we do. That’s live. To sign me and send him toner there.”

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