Working in Canada: Finding Mexican Workers. Salary of 35,000 pesos

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if I were Mexican worker and you think that Jobs Do not appear, you should know that a Business in Canada Looking for talent Skills and knowledge to make Aluminum doors and windows and offers a a wage 35 thousand pesos per month. Here you will find all the file details vacant.

The Minister of Labor and Social Welfare (STPS) published today in his book Recruitment portal a Job offer abroad This can be yours and his vgency until 25 November 2022so if you cover the profile, you can apply to go through the selection and hiring process for the job.

Workers with at least one year of verifiable experience in manufacturing Aluminum doors and windowsPVC, hybrid and steel, as well as positioned, packaged and shipped.”

What do I need to apply for the vacancy?

In order to participate in the vacancy Which was recently announced by a company specializing in the construction and manufacture of doors and windows for residences, located in the province of Saint Apollinaire, Canadayou must do the following:

You must apply for Recruitment portal and present in National Employment Service Office The following documents from your entity:

  • Curriculum Vitae From the recruitment portal
  • A valid passport or renewal date in front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Studies certificate

  • Recent letters proving work experience for a minimum of one year. Address proof
  • INE
  • curp
  • driver’s license

What are the requirements?

  • Required academic level: high school or technical high school
  • Experience: One or two years in a door and window factory worker
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Knowledge(s) and tool(s), which you must have orNot two years of experience

  • Knowledge in the conversion of aluminum and metal.
  • Installing doors and windows.
  • Packaging and/or packaging for construction supplies.
  • Physical ability to lift loads of up to 25 kg.
  • Learn how to drive.

Languages): no one

Skill(s) and Competencies:

  • commitment
  • Quality at work
  • Stimulate
  • Adapting to change
  • work as one team
  • independence
  • Person Availability:
  • No need to travel

a program

  • from Monday to Friday
  • full time: 07:00 – 16:00

Jobs and Activities

  • Package the finished products for delivery to the contractor
  • production line support
  • Support in placing aluminum, plastic, hybrid and steel doors and windows

What does the company offer?

The Recruitment processwill count Starting today, November 11, it will last for three weeks. To review the submitted documents, and virtual interviews, one of them is technical.

Remember that “The salary offered is an estimate, and will vary with the exchange rate Valid”.


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