Working in Canada as a dog sitter, with a salary of up to 64,000 pesos

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Many avid travelers are looking for Perfect opportunity to leave the country to access a new job offer that allows them to test their skills, pursue a career in another country, or simply gain new knowledge in fields completely different from their career.Sometimes, you can benefit from many Canada job offers for you.

A clear example of them is Various vacancies open to Mexicans to travel to that country through the Government of Canada’s job page, which recently revealed an attractive offer as a dog sitter You can earn up to 64 thousand pesos per monthan excellent opportunity to take care of these friendly four legged friends while you enjoy getting to know a new nation.

How do I apply for this job offer in Canada?

For those who are interested in this vacancy and They want to emigrate Towards that northern country, it must meet some requirements, it is required that the applicant can take care of and clean it Pets or small pets, especially dogs, among some other tasks that include the following:

  • Bathing dogs.
  • Preparing food and feeding the animals.
  • Clean and disinfect cages, pens, aquariums, kennels, barns, stables, and enclosures where animals stay.
  • Supervision of assistants.
  • Clean the dog’s ears.
  • Maintain and order supplies.
  • Observing and documenting animal behavior.
  • Take medications.

in order to apply to vacant You can enter this linkWhere you will find more details about the job offer.

Check requirements and apply to this offer/image: unsplash

What are the requirements?

Among the main requirements to apply for this job as a dog sitter with a salary of 64 thousand pesos per month in Canada is It is required to speak English and have at least six months experience In this type of quest, love animals and being a tidy person really enjoys living with the different native species, so it would be perfect for pet lovers who want to leave the country in search of a pet. New life in that nation.

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