Work for Colombians in Canada: There are salaries in excess of $11 million

30 job vacancies are offered in Quebec, for Colombians who meet 100% of the profile. Courtesy: Infobae.

The Public Employment Agency Sina has issued three job applications for Colombians who want to work in Quebec, Canada. There are 30 jobs that are offered to machine operators, auto upholsterers, and airport ramp attendants.

Sen explained that A.A Once the number of papers required by the employer is met, the application will not be availableOnce this was passed, the nomination was monitored even if the deadline was not met.

Colombians interested in participating in any of the three calls They must adhere to 100% of the profile It was ordered by the Canadian contractor, arranged in the workers’ mediation platform of the Seine River Public Employment Agency.

Those who wish must participate Register or update your resume in the agency’s system Employment, indicating the profile of interest in the “Professional Interests” field of the “Work Experience” tab.

Deadline to participate up to March 22, 2023 or earlier if the number of applicants requested by the Canadian company or contractor is met.

Once the number of resumes required for each job opening has been met, the application will no longer be available, “will move to a continuing status, even if the closing date is not met,” SENA specified.

Airport Ramp Operator (Number of Vacancies: 10)

Colombians interested in participating in this vacancy must have eTechnical studies in mechanics, and related studies as a ramp assistant or in ground operations. The application number for the vacancy to register on the platform is: 3,436,467.

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The applicant must have three years of work experience, a valid and certified driver’s license (more than three years). The employment agency confirmed that in the event that the candidate is not proficient in the French language, the contractor will offer him a basic course.

The duration of the contract is two to three years renewable, depending on immigration routes, with a monthly salary of $2,340 Canadian Dollars (Canadian Dollars) which is approximately equivalent to 8’190,000 pesos Monthly Colombians. The working day shall be complete in periodic shifts to be agreed upon with the company.

Car upholsterer (number of vacancies: 10).

Persons interested in employment in Ontario, Canada, in these activities, must have an intermediate level of English, and possess an academic Bachelor’s degree Upholstery studies And you have at least five (verifiable) years of experience. The application number for this vacancy to register is: 3436415.

The monthly salary is 2,080 Canadian dollars, which is equivalent to approx $7,280,000 Colombian pesos per month. The working hours will be in rotating shifts to be agreed upon.

The Seine recruitment agency highlighted that candidates selected by the Canadian company who do not have the French language, will be assigned a basic course by the company.

Bending Machine Operator (10 Vacancies)

Colombians interested in participating in this call must enter the application number: 3418622and the sharing process. Candidate must possess a technical or technology degree and have five years of experience handling CNC bending machines (attestable).

The salary available in this vacancy is 3185 Canadian dollars, which is equivalent to 11,147,500 pesos dollars Colombians. the Alternate working day, in agreement with the company. The candidate must have an average level of English.

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Once the process of calls, tests and selection has been completed, the company will begin the corresponding migration procedures for the selected persons. These activities are the responsibility of the employer or the individuals responsible for employment.

The recruitment agency SENA has determined that the benefits and other terms of the recruitment process will be the same for the three job calls:

Social benefits:

  • health insurance.
  • Additional fee payments for overtime.
  • holidays.
  • vacation.

Other conditions:

  • The cost of transportation is agreed upon, depending on the immigration law program.
  • Help finding housing in Quebec.
  • Helps settle in the outside.

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