Woody Allen's film “Luck Will” will premiere in the United States

This has already been reported by media outlets such as Hollywood Reporter That movie buffs were sharing 'samizdat' links to the latest movie Woody Allen, A stroke of luckfrom a translation from French to Dutch and then to English, and that New Yorkers attended secret shows at a bar in the East Village.

then Hollywood Reporter It said on its website that those who want to see the 88-year-old director's latest project, which debuted at the Venice Film Festival in early September and received (mostly) positive reviews, can do so without needing to be sneaky or needing secrets. Symbols.

MPI Media Group will release the film, Allen's 50th feature film as a director, in North American markets on April 5, 2024. A digital/VOD release will follow on April 12.

The film, shot in France in French, stars Lou de Laâge who introduces herself as a trophy wife and reunites with an old friend from the Lycée Français in New York, played by Niels Schneider, and comes to complicate the lives of the participants.

Opportunity coupIt is the original title and means “a stroke of luck” in Spanish. The film has already been released in several European markets for $7.3 million.

The film was shot by Vittorio Storaro, making it the fifth collaboration between Allen and the 83-year-old Italian cinematographer.

MPI has released two previous Allen films, Rifkin Festival In 2022 and Rainy day in New York in 2020. The former film was initially financed as part of Allen's 2016 deal with Amazon which led to a series of lawsuits after Amazon ended the relationship in 2017.

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Amazon canceled the agreement with Allen amid the 2017 #MeToo campaign

When public opinion surrounding Allen was significantly soured by the re-evaluation of the sexual assault allegations made against him by his adopted stepdaughter Dylan Farrow. Although the Connecticut Attorney General did not indict Allen after the 1993 investigation, Allen remains a polarizing figure. @mondario

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