Women’s football reaches all schools in the country: how will the implementation of this sport be

Women’s football has shown remarkable growth in recent years Argentinawith the mitigation brought about by a new agreement on Friday that could be very beneficial for its development. owner Afa (Claudio Tapia) and the Minister of Education (Jaime Berzyk) they shook hands and agreed to include the most popular sport for girls in physical education classes across the country.

More and more girls are clinging to the ball. Although in the past they had to resort to a classroom after school, now they will be able to enjoy this activity in the institution itself. In any case, it will not be compulsory, but will be available to anyone who wants to practice it.. This will allow a greater influx of young people to play women’s football, which will certainly increase the level of competitiveness.

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boss Equality and Gender in the AFA, Paula OjedaConfirmed in an interview with tlam thatThis measure is very important and we have been working on it for a long time because we know that its positive impact will begin to appear as soon as it is implemented. The idea is that girls and teenagers have the opportunity to play soccer in school from elementary school, which is what happens in the United States and make their team a world power.“.

Under the slogan “Studying is your best moveagreement, which Football Players Association, is also considering issuing commercial courses in favor of the integration of sports workers. During the signing of the agreements, Berzik emphasized that “Football is a school for all and that is why we will encourage space for women’s football throughout the educational system“.

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Athletes should study

In addition to this arrangement, the AFC also promised to include completion of secondary studies as a mandatory requirement for footballers in all lower divisions of all clubs affiliated directly or indirectly with the AFC.

You don’t just win the world championship by playing soccer. This agreement that we have signed does nothing but certify the responsibility and obligation that the home of Argentine football has with regard to education.Berzek stressed, as stated in a statement.

The President of the Football Players Association also participated in the event, which was held at the headquarters of the Asian Confederation. Sergio Marchi; he Executive advisor to the Ministry of EducationAnd Mario Caputo; Marcelo AchilleVice President of the Asian Football Confederation; Founder Solidarity NetworkAnd John Carr; Club presidents and league leaders in the interior of the country, among others.

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