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On February 11th, the International Day of Women and Girls in Science was celebrated, and in Degenerada we wanted to celebrate and celebrate it in an elegant manner, which is why we dedicated this week’s episode to talking about two initiatives that use science, technology and entrepreneurship as empowerment mechanisms for girls and women.

Our guests, of course, are two women who have dedicated their lives to unifying projects and spaces that eliminate gender stereotypes, confirming, once again, that all these phrases we hear from girls, such as: “ Women are not good for women. Mathematics The phrase “or” only men can be astronauts “is nothing more than expressions of the profound masculinity of society.

In this episode we talk with Nadia Sanchez, a business director specializing in social entrepreneurship, innovation, human rights, social enterprise management, and women’s empowerment, president and founder. It is an institution; And with Karen Carvagaleno, psychologist, statistician, and trainer with a degree in NLP, businesswoman, social leader, author and co-creator Biz nation.

Tell us about their experiences and projects in the field of empowering women through science, technology and leadership. Nadia, from her foundation, told us about one of her “She’s the Astronauts” initiatives, which is an alliance with the NASA Space Center to receive 30 Colombian girls, ages 9 to 15, to experience being an astronaut.

Karen, for her part, told us about the social programs she is running in Colombia and around the world through The Biz Nation to encourage girls and women to become pioneers and pioneers, all through innovation, digital marketing and empowerment.

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In this episode of Degeneradas, you’ll hear reflections on how, throughout history, masculinity and gender stereotypes have prevented girls and women from an interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics; But you will find tips and recommendations so that you can build new discourse from your environment that helps to break down these beliefs.

Message of the week: Don’t miss the recommendations our guest Nadia and Karen gave us in this episode: series, books, podcasts, and a lot of content to continue building the path to gender equality in STEM

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