Women in Science seeks to reward them

Caldas University (Caldas)

Six Colombian scientists will be awarded through the Women in Science ProgramWith the aim of promoting and recognizing the work done by Colombian scholars who provide an example of how to break the limitations of people’s career advancement within organizations glass roof In our country, which allows the participation of women in science, L’Oréal Colombia, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, Icetex and the Executive Secretariat of the National Committee for Cooperation with UNESCO announced the opening of the call for the program For Women in Science Colombiawhich this time will be awarded six scholarships, each worth 40 million pesos.

This call is aimed at Colombian women who currently live in the country, are pursuing a PhD or are doing a post-doctoral residency, and have completed their studies for at least one year. In addition, they should conduct an investigation into a public or private entity.

Until September 30, Colombian scholars interested in participating can apply through the platform: https://www.forwomeninscience.com/ (August 25, University of California)

Research results and social accreditation of knowledge: Today, 2:00 p.m. at the Centro Cultural Universitario Rogelio Salmona, Social allocation of knowledge meeting Led by the Vice President’s Office for Research and Graduate Studies. The results of the research of people who are part of the Young and Innovative Researchers Programs will be presented; high level training; and Postdoctoral Residencies, who conduct their investigative operations with the accompaniment of the Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies. (September 23, University of California)

October 5: Closing the call for funding for research establishment projects: The Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies at the University of California, informs members of the Foundation’s research center teams that the call is open until October 5, which aims to contribute to the strengthening of formative research processes, through research activities with students who are members of the research foci, as well as collaborative work and their academic production. The maximum amount for each project will be a maximum of $3,500,000. (September 23, University of California)

Next week begins the ninth symposium on Design and Creativity: PhD in Design and Creativity and the MA in Interactive Design and Creativity of the College of Arts and Humanities at UCaldas Invite the Ninth Symposium on Design and Creativity to be held approximately 29-30 September. The event will feature national and international students, alumni, educators and peers, who will reflect on the relationships that link design and creativity to art, technology, knowledge management and the environment. (September 24, University of California)

A 100-year history of aerial cables: Manizales MariquitaIn order to collect anecdotes, testimonies and family experiences about the aerial cable car of Manizales Mariquita, researchers in the Social Science Mission Project 100 years of aerial cables: Manizales – Mariquita They have opened a WhatsApp channel so that those interested can share content on the topic do so. You may submit audio recordings, photographs or written testimonies of what these infrastructure works mean. The WhatsApp line is: 310-375-1941 (September 8, University of California)

University of Napkins (UMANIZALES)

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Students take an educational trip to the Caribbean coast: A committee of 24 students and four professors from Umanizales will conduct an educational visit to companies, ports and entities on the Colombian Caribbean coast from Monday 26 to Friday 30 September. The team, made up of students and professors from the School of Accounting, Economics and Management Sciences, will visit the Port of Contecar, Bayer Global, the Santa Marta Free and Industrial Zone, Banco de la República, Argos’ processing plant in Mamonal, and the universities of the Atlantic Coast and Magdalena, among others. Other things, you will receive talks related to international trade. (September 22, Umedia)

They will graduate 260 students on Friday 30 September: In four ceremonies (three face-to-face and one virtual), UManizales will graduate 260 undergraduate and graduate students on September 30. This is today:

8:00 a.m. College of Accounting, Economics and Administrative Sciences.

10:30 am at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities.

2:00 p.m. Colleges of Science, Engineering and Legal Sciences.

4:30 p.m. Virtual party for all colleges. (September 23, Umedia)

Medical student talking about triple negative breast cancer: Sergio David Angolo Montaño, medical student at UManizales, socializing with a poster at the XXVII Pacific Scientific and Technological Research Summer International Conference, the product of a triple-negative breast cancer genetic profile study in patients treated in southwestern Colombia, was performed using an accompanying Institute professors. (September 23, Umedia)

The university is preparing to celebrate half a century of its existence. Photo: UMCentral

Acknowledgments for 50 Years of Establishment: Today, at 10:00 a.m., in the Hugo Salazar García in UManizales, the office of the Mayor of Manizales is giving the institution a replica of the Basilica, in recognition of its 50-year history. Last Friday, the university received other certificates of appreciation from the Chamber of Commerce of Caldas Manizales, Finalco Regional of Caldas, Caldas Government, Board of Directors, and Center for Advanced Study on Children and Youth. (September 26, Umedia)

Autonomous University of Homes (UAM)

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The Constituent Assembly is a new body for the promotion of values: To continue the philosophy and represent the values ​​of the founders of the Arab Maghreb Union, the normative elements and provisions that reformed the general statute were incorporated, one of which was the creation of the Constituent Assembly. This council will have functions such as: appointing its representatives before the Supreme Council and the Monitoring Committee. Evaluations are submitted with the entry, permanence or exclusion of any member of the general assembly of companies. Guiding UAM bodies in the principles and fundamentals of UAM. Ensure that the university community has imprinted the ecological traits of autonomy, criticality, respect, honesty, excellence and solidarity.

The Constituent Assembly is composed of: Elvira Escobar de Restrepo, Néstor Buitrago Trujillo, Pablo Medina Jaramillo, Priest Leopoldo Peláez Arbeláez, Bernardo Ocampo Trujillo, Carlos Eduardo Mejía Valenzuela and Carlos Eduardo Arango González. (23 September UAM)

Catholic University of Homes (UAM)

Certificates in the Creative and Cultural Industries Management Diploma and Orange Challenge: 78 entrepreneurs from the design, advertising, handicraft, plastic arts and music sectors have obtained certificates in management, planning, entrepreneurship, marketing and planning, and obtained their certificates as participants in the Diploma in Management and Design of Creative and Cultural Industries Projects and in the Orange Challenge, the programs have become a reality thanks to the ICT Secretariat and capacity Competitiveness of the Mayor’s Office of Manizales, the Catholic University of Manizales and the Chamber of Commerce. (September 23 – UCM)

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