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Study Center immigration The Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) reported at the end of last year that the number of immigrants in the country had reached a historical figure of 46.2 million foreigners.

The for-profit organization, which monitors immigration restrictions, considered this matter to have a significant track record of “Any government survey or census since 1850”.

For a long time , Latinos They leave their mark on the area with their desire to work, move forward and be active in every way. Above all, the new generations that tend towards it Environmental Defense, Sports, Leisure and Business Even the art world.

The number of Latinos in the United States

The new American economy, confirms that they represent First smallest ethnic minority with 62.1 million. The second most spoken language, Spanish, is contributed by at least 41.7 million; $308.5 billion annually comes from Latin taxes.

“With an average age of 29.8, we are the second largest voting age group, 30% of our children are of school age. We are already an integral part of this community,” he affirmed Vice President of the Latino Voting Initiative, Clarissa Martinez.

In his opinion, given the importance of Latinos in the United States, differences and stereotypes should not exist Undocumented and immigrant. “The truth is that 8 out of 10 Latinos are born here and among the youngest 9 out of 10,” he said.

The economy is moved by Latinos

according to Energetic Group Director, Syddia Lee-CheeThe nation’s economy is largely driven by income from foreigners. “We are the giant that helps move the wheel of this country, and we spice up the American dream.”

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Referring to the benefits and advantages of Latinos, Martinez brought up one specifically. “We are used to having multigenerational lifeto have grandparents, uncles, cousins ​​and nephews in our environment, it is part of our fibers that bring experience and patience and are mixed with the experiences and energy of the younger,” he said.

If you learn to sharpen it, the diverse atlas of Latinos works in your favour; Latinos are the most entrepreneurialThis is what Li Qiye highlighted.

“We are of all colors and sizes, we are Hispanic, or black, or Native, or Asian. I myself am one Black and Chinese latina. This is what I call a giant condiment. This is our core.”

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