Without a US recession, the Mexican economy could grow by more than 3% in 2023, says BBVA

This was confirmed by Vice President and General Manager of BBVA Mexico, Eduardo Osuna The Mexican economy has the potential to grow by more than 3.0 percent by the end of 2023as long as there is no recession in the United States.

during his participation in the framework National meeting of regional advisors 2023 of the BBVA, he explained, “If the recession doesn’t happen, we’re likely to have growth above 3 percent in 2023.”

Stress it out Surprisingly, economic growth is driven by domestic demand, not foreign investment, and not approaching“.

Osuna Osuna explained that this consumption has several components: It is driven by Increasing the wage block and increasing the demand for job attraction.

“We are practically at full employment in most parts of the country, and that is what is being paid; Added to transfers and tourism and social programs that reaches many families.

Similarly, Eduardo Osuna confirmed that exports “It’s showing a very nice cadence with growth rates of around 8.0 percent In the last years”.

“We are witnessing greater economic activity on the part of foreigners, as evidenced by foreign direct investment, but above all also, on the part of national investors,” he noted.

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