With these phones, you will be able to record videos more typical of a professional camera

Mobile phone cameras have become a priority for users. They are getting better at taking photos, but many of them use their cell phones to work and edit their recordings later. Find Best mobile video recording It's complicated, so we've put together a small collection of the best ones.

Previously, this field was dominated by Apple, although now it is easy to find all kinds of smartphones to record videos in absolute quality. Xiaomi, Samsung, Google… all brands have their own flagship products Professional Camera To achieve cinematic results. There is just one small drawback and that is that these phones are inherently expensive, which is why they have the best cameras. This is justified 4K and 8K resolution for recordingsStabilization systems, 1-inch sensors, lens apertures similar to those of a regular camera, and multiple recording modes to achieve the perfect result. You can find all of this in each of the following mobile phones, although each one in its own way. Choose the one you like the most.

Xiaomi 14 Ultra: professional results

It's Xiaomi's most ambitious camera yet and it could be Complete with photography kit To achieve better results when recording videos. The Leica stamp can be seen in every sequence with impressive results and Telephoto zoom lens The details of which are wonderful in the recordings. Many people forget about them Audio technology When using the camera, because it manages to focus the sound so that only what is important about the subject you are recording can be heard, not the noise behind the scene. The Xiaomi 14 Ultra has one of the best cameras at the moment and its video recording has been praised by DXOMark experts.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: The best in 8K

I use the Galaxy s24 Ultra camera

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is one of the best phones for video recording for the simple reason that Definition and sharpness He is at the top. Using the 8K recording mode is great and has it More powerful zoom Of the year. To take full advantage of it, you may need a tripod or other type of mount, although these are not very expensive nowadays. the Lightning It feels very natural and has the perfect preview mode for getting the best possible scene.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

*Prices were updated at the time this article was published or revised. It may vary over time.

Google Pixel 8 Pro: Unique video features

Google Pixel 8 Pro cameras

There is a very special mobile phone for recording videos and that is the Google Pixel 8 Pro. The processing work on Google mobiles is impressive and this model is the best of the brand so far. That's why he has a job for Optimize video automaticallyPay attention to adjusting all scene settings after recording the video. At night the recording is brutal, but if there's one thing that catches the eye this is it Advanced editing featuresAmong them is artificial intelligence that reduces background noise or wind noise to focus on what is happening.

iPhone 15 Pro: Record cinema videos

iPhone 15 Pro cameras

The video quality of the iPhone 15 Pro is very professional and advanced. DXOMark ranks it as the best mobile phone for video recording at the moment. The Pro model has the same cameras as the Pro Max, so you can save a lot of money. The only drawback is that it doesn't have the ability to record in 8K; Although it contains Cinema mode Which automatically focuses on the reference subject of the image and helps achieve it Very attractive results With brutal quality and clarity. The stabilization is one of the best in smartphones and it has a front camera that works amazingly when recording videos in portrait format.

iPhone 15 Pro Max

iPhone 15 Pro Max

*Prices were updated at the time this article was published or revised. It may vary over time.

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