With the new Meta Quest 3 announcement, gamers are remembering GTA: San Andreas VR

Meta Quest 3 makes players remember the GTA: San Andreas VR that was announced for Quest 2.

GTA: San Andreas VR has been a long-awaited game for fans

Virtual reality games are becoming more and more popular due to the gameplay and quality improvements that the devices receive. This time, Mita, Company behind Facebook and Instagramannounced its new Meta Quest 3 release Virtual and mixed realitywhich offers significant improvements over its previous version, including new Meta Reality technology.

Of course, when it comes to a release like this, video games also play a very important role. Although many titles have been announced for the said device, gamers are still wondering what happened to the release of GTA: San Andreas, which Introduced for Meta Quest 2which has not yet seen the light of day. If you have also asked yourself the same question, stay tuned, we will explain more about it below.

The Meta didn’t mention anything about GTA: San Andreas VR again

In 2021, Meta unveiled a project for Quest 2, the Virtual reality version From the famous and unforgettable Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. However, despite the fact that the company announced that it is Work on this adaptationno further details were provided on progress nor did they do so with the release of Meta Quest 3. In fact, Mark Zuckerberg himself stated that it could be one of the best virtual reality games ever created.

Excitement remained, but Meta did not confirm Nothing about the address yet It was one of the games that was expected to appear in the company’s recent ads. It would seem that, for now, it remains only to wait Know something about the projectjust to confirm that he’s alive and reassure fans who are still excited to try out this version of GTA: San Andreas VR.

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