With PET/CT Tendering, San Juan is Advancing in Nuclear Medicine

Through the Nuclear Medicine Research Foundation, San Juan strives to be one of the leading provinces in genetics, with an unprecedented investment in human resource knowledge and training, and the provision of new medical practices at the Spanish Center for Chronic Diseases (Cemec), outside the Spanish Hospital.

The first step to operating this highly complex center is to acquire a PET/CT scanner, which allows early detection of diseases, especially tumors, neurological and cardiac. That is why the bidding process began last week with an investment of $1.2 million.

This is an important technical advance that will allow for a more effective diagnosis. In addition, the prefecture will become a nuclear pole for all Koyo, enhancing the fields of oncology, genetics and neurosciences, by integrating the latest technologies.

From the Ministry of Public Health, the Administrative Secretary, Lic. Guillermo Benelbaz, said that the provincial government’s goal is to acquire this device in the coming months, to advance this technological project that will put San Juan at the fore in medical research and treatment of patients with complex diseases.

Health Minister Alejandra Venerando said investing in health is to prioritize the well-being of all San Juan citizens. “Right now, many people have to do treatments away from home, what that means is not only curing disease but also uprooting at times when containment is critical,” he said.

Likewise, he highlighted an essential aspect of training and research through the Academic Cooperation Program and assistance in diagnosing, treating and rehabilitating patients.

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