With an anti-drone system, AICM will enhance the security of the airspace

The Mexico City International Airport (AICM) It seeks to enhance its air safety with a Anti-drone system Based on sensors, to prevent drones from impeding the landing and take-off of aircraft, In order to prevent accidents in the metropolitan station.

The system includes the application of automatic alerts in the console in real time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It will replace portable and base radios, as well as mobile units, the items currently used for this purpose.

Because of the above, the Capital Airport The union has requested more than 93 million pesos to purchase this security equipment that provides immediate response and complete oversight of the airspace.

“(AICM) requires an airspace that must remain unobstructed around its traversal, so that planned airport operations can be carried out safely. Space is necessary to ensure continued operations, as well as the safety of the aircraft and users on board, reducing the risk of flight suspensions,” he explained. Benito Juarez International Airportby an official letter to the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP).

The project includes Acquisition and installation of a surveillance system within the airport polygon, As well as the infrastructure for civil works, telecommunications and electricity supply that make their operation possible.

‘System provides Automatic alerts on the console to inform system operators. The console provides operators with real-time information, statistics and a historical database,” he explained.

to apply jamming (Signal Inhibitors), the corresponding procedures for obtaining licenses will be implemented by the Ministers of National Defense, as well as for infrastructure, communications and transportation.

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According to the document, the system guarantees 100 percent coverage of the 75 square kilometers that make up the inner horizontal surface of the Benito Juarez International Airport from the country’s capital.

In addition, it includes installation, configuration and commissioning, remote technical support, and training on sitesoftware and database updates, and predictive and advanced analytics updates.

The report indicated that the capital’s airport serves a a large number of daily operations, which require unobstructed airspace, for the maneuvers corresponding to the landing and take-off of the aircraft.

“The space is necessary to ensure the continuity of operations, as well as the safety of aircraft and users on board, mitigating the risks of flight suspensions,” he explained.

The document added that the file AICM It is the main airport in the country, receiving about 21 million passengers per year, which is more than 60,000 passengers per day on average. Of which 73.6% are national flights and 26.4% are international flights.

Consequences of a drone in the airspace

The drone can penetrate the airframe, if it collides in the air, and can damage the engines. With the increase in the size of drones, The greater the effectAccording to scientific research, it can bend or break the blade, or even cause motor imbalance.

In Mexico there is a precedent of this kind. At the end of 2018, a drone collided with an AeroMexico Boeing 737, when it was about to land at Tijuana International Airport, Causing damage to the forehead.

A year ago, in Quebec, Canada, another drone crashed into a Charter Skyjet commercial airliner, Damage to one of its wings. Similar cases have also occurred at airports in Spain and England.

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A group of scholars from University of Dayton, They simulated a collision between a plane and a drone. They steered a DJI Phantom 2 toward a commercial airliner. The result was that The drone pierced the wing without major complications and embedded itself inside it.

consulted before MillenniumTechnical Director of ASPA Mexico, Hillary CastleFor example, if a bird is able to damage an aircraft, a drone can do so for more reasons.

“The drone, because of the speed of the plane or any plane, the faster the damage, the more serious the impact is obviously, that’s how it works.

“If two small, non-metallic birds damage the engines themselves, get into the engine and you lose the engine, you should land the aircraft with one less engine.

“I would translate it for you, if it was one or two drones, or even parts of some, then The danger is really high if you hit an airplane In a high traffic area.

The specialist warned of the danger of a drone invading the airspace of any airport in the world.

“Let’s think of it as an object, so when it hits the plane, it’s like a car, anything, because of the size and speed at which it hits the car, for example, Yes, it can cause damageobviously depending on which part hits the car.

“Yes, it’s a risk, but depending on how the encounter with the drone or drone takes place and what type of drone there is, there will be a potential risk of trouble with the aircraft,” he said.

captain Shavari Castle He pointed out the importance of regulating the interaction of aircraft with drones to avoid accidents at stations.

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