With a special focus on the climate crisis, the science festival will be held next Saturday «Diario Y Radio Universidad Chile

From science, technology, knowledge and innovation, the event will address the problem of water and pollution. In addition, it will have activities around sustainable food with the environment.

Tuesday 4 October 2022 10:07 AM

After two years in virtual reality, the Science Festival returns in a head-to-head format. next one Saturday 8 October from 10 am to 6 pm at the La Moneda Cultural Centerthey will meet More than 50 professionals From various institutions, who will celebrate knowledge through talks, discussions, exhibitions and interaction spaces.

The activity is organized by the Explora Regional Collaborative Projects (PAR) for the North Capital Region of the Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation and will involve the participation of more than 35 cooperating institutions. This year, the main theme is to highlight the importance of science, technology, knowledge and innovation (CTCI) and Actions that contribute to addressing the current climate crisis from an ecosystem perspective.

The teacher will be among the guests Joseph Maza National Microscience Award 1999; Sergio LavanderNational Natural Sciences Prize 2022; Catherine Silvaan environmental activist; Marcelo Lagosgeographer and specialist in extreme natural processes; Anahi Urquizaa social anthropologist. Rafael Araus Member of the National Committee for Epidemiological Response, among other specialists who, from their areas of research, will tell how they contribute to mitigating the effects of climate change.

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“I invite the entire community to come closer, to be amazed and enjoy the themes and phenomena related to CTCI, related to actions that contribute to the current climate crisis. This science festival seeks to create greater awareness from early ages in a fun way, to take care of the only home we have, where everyone is essential ‘,” said Dr. Mario Cheung, Director of PAR Explora RM Norte.

During the activity, several topics will be addressed, including water, one of the most necessary but highly vulnerable natural resources. The issue of pollution and sustainable food with the environment will also be developed, among others, according to Dr. Cheng.

The Festival of Science (FECI) is a national celebration that invites all people to fit in with CTCI, through a program of public and free activities that facilitate understanding of the environment from various fields of knowledge.

Among the activities that will be developed at FECI 2022, there are:

  • “The District: A Journey to the Center of Change: a permanent space in which more than 15 institutions will participate, which will invite participants to enjoy activities and experiences related to the climate and water crisis.
  • Workshops “Let’s Get Started. Let’s Celebrate Knowledge!”: All attendees can participate in this workshop.
  • Conversational Course “CuriosasMENTES” tackling the climate crisis,
  • Dialogue “Together Against the Climate Crisis”.
  • Conversation “Science for H₂OY”.
  • View videos and documentaries.

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