With a millionaire investment, the Paseo de la Salud . will be renovated

Last Thursday morning, the tender for the implementation of infrastructure works for the company . was opened Renovation and strengthening of Paseo de la Salud, located on the corner of Avenida Brown and Belgrano.

The goal of the project is to create an open space that “integrates with the natural environment of the garden.” Totally modern and comfortable design“.

Paseo de la Salud, which in the context of the pandemic has become one of the main headquarters for Covid-19 testing, It opened on May 10, 2017 Two main goals: Promote healthy habits and prevent disease non-infectious.” From that moment and in coordination with different fields such as food sciences, sports, tourism and culture, Paseo de la Salud has worked on various activities, proposals and awareness campaigns targeting the community.

As indicated by the municipality, the works expected by the public works team They seek to ‘define the place as a place designated for health’ And “not only because of the activities that are carried out by themselves in connection with medical examinations, but also because of the possibility of providing them.” Organizing events related to physical activity and well-being Of the population “.

What’s more,”The space is suggested as a meeting and gathering place, with the necessary urban equipment, adapted to the current requirements of the society.”

And according to what the Secretary of Public Works announced about the planned reconstruction, The main entrance will be at the corner of Belgrano and Brown It will be framed by two high beds – located on the municipal line of said streets – leading to a central bed, which will also be high and It will contain one tree “In the symbol of life and luxury.”

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This design will lead to Physical space for controls, which will designate the place as Paseo de la Salud.

It was last Thursday Economic bids for public tender were well known To implement the reinforcement project with the participation of municipal officials and representatives of competing companies. The ceremony was attended by the Secretary of Maintenance and Public Works, Julio Ferraro, and the Director of Tendering, Pilar Chiardelli.

The suggestions are detailed below:

Pro #1: ALLD Ingeniería Olavarría SRL moved $7,470,000.

Pro #2: Jose Carlos Balzly transferred $6,920,000.

Pro #3: Vigas y Bloques SRL moved $7,414,905.20.

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