With a focus on medicine, agriculture and law, the polls are closed for graduates

Today’s graduates know in most colleges / Damian today

Today begins the identification of the first of four electoral classes for the National University of La Plata (UNLP): Alumni, Heads of Practical Work (JTP) and Graduate Assistantships who present three advisors to the boards of directors that will be elected next month as deans in 17 colleges. Once the professors (7 advisors), students (5) and non-teachers (1) have voted, they will have renewed the geopolitics of UNLP.

So, graduates are just a speck in the college electoral arena. No less important than that. Especially in those eight colleges where there is more than one payroll and every vote will count.

As for the issue of medicine, one of the most difficult controversies in the university is due to size and academic track. In the academic unit in which Dr. Juan Angel Basualdo Forat held the position of Dean, four lists compete for faculty: “University Affinity”, the former hard-line reformists of Franja Morada who present themselves as the “solely” opposition to the college administration, the Ministry of Health and the IOMA; Alumni for Change (young and professional extremists, as well as dissidents); “For Universal Health” (Peronians close to the Buenos Aires health file and who advocate “transformation” – or reform – of the health system) and “Alumni Interface”, a list that includes among its candidates the leaders of the Platense medical union and will support leftist groups (although it declares itself is “pluralistic” and “independent” of any political party and says “no” to an agreement with any candidate (not even with Basualdo). In medicine, the ruling party will go with only one list in the JTP.

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The definition in engineering, exact and natural sciences will be extended until tomorrow

Another critical scenario will take place at the CLSS, where the ‘pluralist reformist unit’, the slate accompanied by the dean, Miguel Berry, and the bar (made up of ex-Franja Morada extremists) will fight for votes against the ‘United Alumni Front’, the Kirchnerion is associated with a Ministry County justice. So much so that the presence of the highest officials of that ministry and leaders of Buenos Aires who responded to Maximo Kirchner’s group yesterday came as a surprise at the 48th Street Study House.

Agronomy will be another electoral battleground, with “independent alumni for integration” (supported by Dean Ricardo Andrew) and “collective builders”, Kirchner condemning the ruling academic party for having set up polling places other than the National Liberal Party.

There will also be conflict in psychology (the official “Poiesis”, responding to Dean Xavier Oñativia, will be measured with “Movement for Unity”); Astronomy (“Núcleo,” which responds to the purple strip, would contrast with “Conjunction,” referred to with INTI independents) and architecture, where the testament would be between “university reform” (linked to the ruling party and the Purple Strip) and “convergence and diversity” , which combines sectors of Peronist and Guevarists.

Although the bulk of colleges will be examined today, the thrill in others will extend into tomorrow afternoon. Like Exactas, where he will face the official “Diex” (La Cámpora) “Exactas al Frente”, which brings together many spaces of opposition. And the Naturales, where the rivalry between ‘participation’ (officially associated with the rector’s office) and ‘construction’, closest to Kirchnerism, will be determined tomorrow as well.

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Another that would extend the sentence another day is engineering, though there’s no ambiguity: Only one payroll is offered, integration. So a ruling party of 1 and 47 actually has three chancellors in its pocket, plus journalism, economics, humanities, veterinary, dentistry, computer science, arts and social work, all on one list.

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