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– Governor Mauricio Villa Dosal has admitted students from 32 public and private institutions, who will prepare at universities in Canada and the United States.

Yucatan continues to prepare and enhance its human capital through the International Mobility Program 2023, launched by Governor Mauricio Villa Dosal, and will allow 340 Yucatecan students, double the number who left last year, from 32 public and private higher education institutions, to complete their education, improve their skills in English and have academic and cultural experience at universities in the United States and Canada.

Villa Dosal has awarded students from 46 municipalities, who, starting in May, will begin their training at the Universities of Regina, Saskatchewan, Simon Fraser, St. Lawrence and McGill in Canada, as well as Michigan State Universities and Indiana University of Pennsylvania, in the American Federation.

Notably, as a result of the Governor’s efforts with Canadian universities over the past year, this time the Simon Fraser, St. Lawrence, and McGill Foundations have joined the program.

In his message, he emphasized that the entity is going through a historic moment, as 2021 was the year that witnessed the highest rates of economic growth and jobs generated since records were recorded, and in 2022 it provided the highest figures for foreign investment, tourists, and security. And women in higher education, as well as the lowest rate of illiteracy.

He pointed out that the infrastructure that is being created, such as the two thermal power plants, the expansion of the port of Progreso, the Maya train, the human capital, and they are young, implies the opportunity to transform the territory into a new border Mexico with the east coast of the United States, because so far, exports reach The big one is just to the west.

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To promote language learning at all educational levels, the State Agenda for English has been created, which will make the region more competitive by attracting the required companies so that upon completion of university, young people can find a job. .

Before Shauna Hemingway, Deputy Chief of Mission at the Canadian Embassy, ​​the governor confirmed that the commitment for 2024 will be to send 500 students to these institutions, and for the first time, 10% will be teachers, that is, 50, so that they can improve your skills in this and other important areas.

After sharing his work experience abroad, at Disney World, in Orlando, Florida, the Governor explained to the young men that what is learned in these kinds of opportunities are lessons that last and are very useful for a lifetime, so whoever asked them to take advantage of their stay.

“The most important thing is that here in Yucatan we continue to achieve the same goal: that we can continue to live in a safe and peaceful state and where, based on our efforts and our work, we can improve our personal conditions and ours,” he stressed.

Later, the Consul General of the United States in Merida, Dorothy Njoter, thanked Villa Dosal for including the language in the educational agenda of her administration, which promotes cultural exchange and prepares local students.

He commented that he would continue to lead through initiatives such as community colleges, with representatives from Florida, so that they would learn about the training and collaboration system, or the intensive course that was offered to 7 teachers and 30 students, focused on technology, at the Polytechnic University (UPY), among others other.

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“We appreciate the openness to work together, promoting this and other programs that benefit the population to practice English, which is a universal language, the language of travel, business, film, education and much more, for which we will continue to support the teaching of this language, exchanges and various programs together,” the diplomat noted. .

With regard to the scheme, the head of the Secretariat for Research, Innovation and Higher Education (Siies), Mauricio Camara Leal, explained that with the instructions of the governor, in the 2023 edition, the number of beneficiary students has doubled, since last year it has been sent to 170 of 32 institutions in 27 ordinances, which is This represents an investment of 12.2 million pesos.

He added that on this occasion, more than 1,500 applications were received and 801 files were collected, which resulted in the acceptance of 340 young men, 227 women and 113 men in the amount of 25.7 million.

Finally, he stressed that to enhance these actions, an exchange of experiences will be carried out for the beneficiaries of the year 2022, interaction with representatives of the headquarters will be strengthened and a network of contacts will be established, to establish relationships in the short and long term. Supporting personal and professional development.

The field of study young people will travel covers Management, Business, Social, Law, ICT, Education, Engineering, Manufacturing, Construction, Health, Services, Arts, Humanities, Natural, Mathematics, Statistics, Agronomy and Veterinary Medicine. .

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