With $14 Million Investment, Biognesis Bag Expands Its Bank of Antigens and Vaccines Against FMD – Economic, Financial and Business News

As part of a US$14 million investment, biotech company Biognesis Bag today inaugurated its new FMD Vaccine Bank facilities.. The expansion of the company’s own plant in Garn, Buenos Aires, constitutes a strategic reserve of antigens and vaccines unique to Latin America against this disease.

With this investment, emergency response production capacity is expanded to 60 million doses of FMD vaccines and can even be increased according to the orders that may be produced in the future.

as he was known the historian, the new install it Security measures and control of special properties, in which there are 20 tanks that allow the storage of ultra-concentrated antigens in liquid nitrogen at -180 °C.

Distant Investments and Markets: The Biognesis Bag Plan Its CEO Exclusively Foresees

These antigens constitute the critical raw material for Formulation of vaccines guaranteed to be effective and safe within a period not exceeding one week – Whereas it takes at least 3 months to develop a vaccine with a conventional system – this way you are able to respond to any emergency that requires it, anywhere in the world, right away.

“This project is an example of our commitment to advancing animal health while simultaneously developing knowledge and production capacity from Argentina and the region to the world,” says Esteban Turek, CEO of Biognesis Bag. The company is one of the only companies in the world with the ability to produce and supply world-class products.

From the company, they explained that the growth they are seeing today is a result of Joint work with scientific and technical organizations in Argentina and world reference centersand cooperation between the public and private sectors.

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“Participation in emergency campaigns and the provision of vaccinations against FMD in Argentina, the National Bank of Animal Vaccines and Veterinary Actions against the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the North American Bank of FMD Vaccines are complementing countries with Canada, and set a precedent for our competencies and the achievements that we will be able to achieve of this expansion”, adds Rodolfo Bellinzoni, Director of Industrial Operations for Innovation at Biognesis Bag.

Esteban Turc, CEO of Biognesis

This project is part of an ambitious plan for investment and technological development to expand production capacity and quality standards for factories; Who is considering in the future to carry out other related business at the Garn plant in order to maintain the company’s global expansion.

Biognesis Bag is a company with prominent contributors to the pharmaceutical sector such as Grupo Insud, through its company Chemo, and Grupo Bag. It specializes in the development, production and commercialization of animal health technologies with a team of over 900 collaborators globally, with management of 14 nationalities in headquarters, subsidiaries and commercial representations.

plants have Production capacity 450 million doses of vaccines to prevent various diseases that affect the health of animals and It has 95 products (FMD vaccine, cat, dog and rabies test vaccine, biologic vaccine, antiparasitic, breeding, intra-breast, vitamins and minerals, antibiotics and disinfectants) and 633 registries of approved animal health products worldwide.

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