Windows releases a version of WhatsApp, that’s the news

WhatsApp for Windows. (Photo: Computer Culture)

Completely original app for The WhatsApp for windows over here. The Application It’s out of beta and has replaced the suggestion based on the browser version that has been in use for a long time.

The best thing about the new WhatsApp for Windows is that You no longer need to rely on a file Mobile. You will work independently So there is no need to pair or turn on a device and connect it to the same network as the computer. These were required to use the web version of WhatsApp, but this tedious process has been removed.

New version of WhatsApp for Windows.  (Image: Twitter)
New version of WhatsApp for Windows. (Image: Twitter)

In fact, WhatsApp states on its site that The application was originally developed for the Windows operating system. Therefore, they ensure that you get a better and smoother experience than the web version of the service.

In addition to this version for Windows, WhatsApp has confirmed that it is working on a popular app for macOSAnd the Which means it can be launched in IPAD.

Of course, it will save users Mac The same capabilities that people using Windows can now enjoy as a host on your computer.

However, this must be taken into account This new app may not be available in some regions. While some users were able to install it successfully, although they had issues, others were unable to access it from a file official linkNot from the app Microsoft Store.

This is the new WhatsApp for Windows

First of all, the company seems to have innovated in terms of Aesthetic. It now offers a cleaner, more modern interface, although it’s still pretty straightforward. This design change mainly contributes to Improved performance compared to the web version by not having to upload a lot of information at once.

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In this way, the message payload shows that Much improved speed Which makes it a more efficient option. In addition, the thing users requested was to sync a file pinned chats, But now they are loaded as configured in a file cell phone.

Also, as mentioned earlier, the biggest novelty is that it will allow you to use WhatsApp on the computer independently of a mobile device. In fact, heor older thanks to the multi-device WhatsApp functionality, that can be associated with Four different devices for the same account.

From them, users will be able to chat with their friends and Maintain end-to-end encryption, Explain the company.

WhatsApp for Windows.  (Photo: Microsoft Store)
WhatsApp for Windows. (Photo: Microsoft Store)

But not all of them are advantages, as there are also certain limitations in this version that are carried over to the rest of the web or desktop versions. The following salient points:

– It won’t be possible to see Real time location from WhatsApp contacts.

– It can’t be done reply to a case or create a new one, Although this is also something not found in WhatsApp Desktop or Web.

– in case a Iphone linked, it wouldn’t be possible Delete text messages

– You cannot send messages or call people using Previous versions from the app.

The WhatsApp.  (Photo: Reuters/Dado Rovich)
The WhatsApp. (Photo: Reuters/Dado Rovich)

How to create a password for WhatsApp network

1. Access the plugin page and click ‘Add to Chrome’. If used Google ChromeAnd the edgeAnd the Rave or any other country web browserwill work properly

2. Click “add an extension” Which has been added to WA Web Plus for WhatsApp.

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3. Enter a password and touch ‘Enters’ on the keyboard to install it on WhatsApp.

WA Web Plus for WhatsApp.  (Photo: Google Chrome)
WA Web Plus for WhatsApp. (Photo: Google Chrome)

then to Use WhatsApp on the web with a password, You must access the application website ( and you will see a password prompt. Enter the same settings and press ‘Enters’ To access all conversations.

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