Windows brings a new option to record your computer screen

Windows Snipping Tool (Microsoft)

New version users Modernization from Microsoft operating system, Windows 11they will be able to get a new job in clipping tool who will allow Recording screen for the device without the need to install other applications.

New integrated app feature to perform catch In Windows, which was introduced in Windows 10 And subsequent updates, it will not mean a significant aesthetic change in the gadget.

What can be seen in the presentation in Surface event 2022, the Crop tool will keep its new buttons Crop, Crop Mode, and Capture Delay. However, they will add Two new buttons: Capture and Record, which will allow users to choose whether they want to get photos or video through the app.

This is the new method Recording screen Accessing the device will be much simpler and easier, as this task can currently be performed by installing a file external application or by activating the function X-Box Integrated with the operating system Microsoft. To access it, people have to use the key combination Windows + Gwhile to start recording, you must press Windows + Alt + R..

The Xbox Bar is integrated into the Windows system and to access it you must press the Windows + G keys. (computerhoy)
The Xbox Bar is integrated into the Windows system and to access it you must press the Windows + G keys. (computerhoy)

No official date is known at this time. release This new feature, although there is a possibility that it will be added in the coming weeks as part of an update package Windows 11whose Download and install Now available for users who have Laptop or PC With an older version of the operating system Microsoft.

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Screenshots is a feature available in the latest version of Windows 11 Although thanks to clipping tool This task is much simpler, and it is not the only way that users have to do and share it.

One of the first ways to take shots From your computer or laptop is to use a file PntPrt . key, which is found on any keyboard, although its location varies between laptops and desktops. It’s usually located above the arrow keys and, in the case of laptops, near the Delete key.

Once pressed, the entire screen image will be saved to a file clipboard It can be attached to emails or sent by messaging apps such as The WhatsApp Just by entering the webpage, selecting a conversation and pressing keys Ctrl + V.. However, this option does not allow you to save the screenshot as a .JPG or .PNG file.

Windows Snipping Tool
Windows Snipping Tool

Another way to make a file screenshot Through a Windows application called Crop Toolwhich has different modes that can be selected by clicking the button Crop modeAmong them you can choose: rectangle mode, window, full screen and freeform.

To use this tool, users must:

– Find it in windows menu Write the shear or shear tool. Enter by clicking on the option marked by the system.

– Once in the app, it will appear as a small file window on the desktopUser will be able to capture by clicking the New button or selecting a preset cropping mode.

Windows Snipping Tool
Windows Snipping Tool

– When the tool is activated, the user will be able to execute a file chopped off that you want and once you have done that, it will be displayed inside the tool window.

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Click the Options button in the upper right corner of the window and click save option Capture to be downloaded to the device in .JPG format.

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