Windows 11 Updated: Here Are The Top 6 News

Windows 11 2022 version is now available for download. (Photo: ComputerHoy)

A new Windows update released by Microsoft It will be available to PC users of this The operating system gradually.

This version is called WWindows 11 2022 o 22H2, adds new features to laptop systems and Computers desktop.

According to the official website of MicrosoftThis update is designed to prioritize four important aspects of the company technology: Making PC use easier and safer for everyone, empowering people to be more productive windows The best place to connect, create and play, providing greater security, management and flexibility in the workplace.

One of the enhanced features of the operating system is the one you’re referring to Capture Layouts. This not only allows Better space management From the device screen with different browser tabs, but also optimized for application on touch computers.

merged Focus and Do Not Disturb sessions To help improve user productivity by Remove notifications that appear on the side of the screen and are a distraction. Do Not Disturb also turns off taskbar badges and app notifications.

Focus and Do Not Disturb session in Windows 11 (Microsoft)
Focus and Do Not Disturb session in Windows 11 (Microsoft)

Plus, since the rest boosts productivity as well, Focus is integrated with the Clock app, which will recommend users to take breaks every now and then.

Since computers are such an important part of remote work these days, Windows Studio Effects It is a new application that has been integrated into this new version of the operating system. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), it seeks to improve the quality of the computer’s image and sound so that the user can better see themselves during the video call.

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Within the options for this function, there is Voice Fox, to filter out background noise; blur background, So that only the person on the screen can be seen; eye contact, “To help them establish better contact with the people they are talking to”; and the Auto framing The camera stays focused on the person as they move.

For Windows users who are also Content Creators On some video platforms, the software has been integrated into the new version of the system clipchampa video editor It contains a series of templates and effects that make it easier to work with videos.

Clipchamp on Windows 11 (Microsoft)
Clipchamp on Windows 11 (Microsoft)

New view in photo app It was added in Windows 11 with the goal of simplifying browsing, searching, and managing everyone’s photo collection. It also allows you to make backup copies of the photos that will appear in OneDrive.

For people who work with multiple devices during the day, the use of Nearby Sharing is improved and Smart APP Control. In the case of cyber insecurity, improvements have been incorporated into features intended for businesses and organizations to prevent further cybersecurity threats.

Although the release of this new version of windows Already started, many users may not be able to download it yet, but they can check that they have it. The facility can be done in the form Automatic or Manual.

To download, you need to go into the settings menu and go to the option Windows Update For the device in which the user is at that moment. Once on the Update Manager screen, it will be necessary to click on the Check for Update button and wait for the updated version of the system to appear.

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