Wildfires in Canada have displaced more than 30,000 people

Evacuations continued this Sunday in western Canada, due to the progression of wildfires, which have doubled to approx 30,000 displaced Within days, an “unprecedented” situation for this time of year.

Alberta was forced to declare a state of emergency on Saturday after ordering the evacuation of nearly 25,000 people. As Sunday night falls, 107 fires They were still active in this county, 28 of which were not controlled by firefighters.

“We’ve had some scattered rain in the southern part of the province,” Kristi Tucker, a spokeswoman for regional emergency agencies, explained during a news conference Sunday in Edmonton.

“This allowed firefighters to attack some areas that they could not approach due to the extreme behavior of the fires,” he added. but This is “good news.” He added that it does not cover the north of the province, where the situation is still complicated.

In their battle against the fires, the authorities are focusing on populated areas, such as the city of Drayton Valley, about 140 kilometers west of Edmonton, or Fox Lake, in the north of the province.

“In some cases, the persistent smoke and fire conditions prevent us from making a full assessment.” Material lossessaid Colin Blair of the Alberta Emergency Management Agency.

This Canadian province, which is one of the largest oil-producing regions,” was witnessing a Dry and hot springs With so much wood, it only takes a few sparks to start some truly terrifying wildfires, Alberta Premier Danielle Smith said on Saturday.

Two out-of-control fires in neighboring British Columbia also caused some people to flee their homes. Firefighters from Ontario and Quebec arrived as reinforcements and were deployed to various areas.

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In recent years, western Canada has been repeatedly hit extreme weather events, whose intensity and frequency have increased due to global warming.

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