Why was the return to Monkey Island announced on April Fools’ Day? This is how this legendary joke was born

Ron Gilbert, creator of Monkey Island, hated April Fools’ Day, but changed his mind with his new game.

2022 is leaving us Big surprises In the video game sector, the unexpected announcement from Back to Monkey Island He is one of them. We still don’t have a release date for what will be the return of the original creator, Ron Gilbert, but we’re already pretty sure he’ll continue to take high doses of humor. How do we know this? Well, because its author has done it A joke that will go down in history.

I was like oh I’m going to buy the rights, announce it on April 1st, and that’s going to be cool.Ron GilbertGilbert had reported the announcement of the return to Monkey Island last April 1it’s as common as April Fool (US equivalent of April Fools’ Day). As expected, no one believed him, so he had to repeat the news a few days later, and as you already saw, the Internet exploded in a very short time. However, the Creator is known about him I hate the date mentionedso the community did not understand this way to promote his next work.

We close the deal for [Return to Monkey Island]and I realized that appointments can coincideRon GilbertWe learned about Gilbert’s plans for this joke thanks to his interview adventure games. According to what was read in the said medium, the author started toying with the idea of ​​advertising his game on April Fools’ Day many years ago: “I don’t know when was the first time I thought of advertising Monkey Island on April Fools’ Day. It was probably around the time when I wrote the post “If you do another monkey island‘ at 2013 [una publicación en la que consideraba, en broma, desvelar su juego el 1 de abril] And I thought, you know, it was a weird fantasy. And I was like oh, I’m going to buy the rights, announce it on the 1st of April, and It would be great“.

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Then we closed the deal [Return to Monkey Island]And I realized that Dates can coincide. If we continue with this, April Fools’ Day may coincide with the time when we can announce it. So I pushed the peg to the ground,” Gilbert ends. Added to this are the lyrics Dave Grossmana legendary character in the sector who is also involved in the creation of the game.

Photo from Back to Monkey Island

“The first phone call we had about the project included a plan to announce it on April 1st, and at that point I thought, ‘This is a terrible idea. Oh no, we can’t do that. This is the worst idea. “Sleep., and the next morning I was like,It’s a great idea!“”

In short, everything indicates that Return to Monkey Island will continue to have that humor That we liked it a lot in the first deliveries, although it’s still there So many doubts to solve. On the one hand, Gilbert has already fallen Significance of Monkey Island 3 in History It has already been done in detail How will Sharia be respected?.

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