Why thousands of devices won’t be able to access the internet since October

With more and more smart devices, it is essential to know that they will continue to function so as not to lose some of their most important features, such as connectivity. but now, For the “expiration” of the certificateSome old devices He can no longer access Internet.

Detective Scott Helm reported that On September 30th, the HTTPS IdentTrust DST Root CA X3 root certificate will no longer be active, It is mainly used by the non-profit certification body Let’s Encrypt. a) yes I mentioned it Technology portal technology crisis.

Why do some devices stop connecting to the Internet?

What is a root certificate? It’s the permissions that devices can use Encrypt communications when accessing the web and some online services.

The problem is that as this certificate expires, many computers, video game consoles, and devices with Internet access They will have to replace it if they want to continue to get online services. Something complicated on older computers that no longer have official brand support.

They explained this on the Let’s Encrypt page:

After September 30, 2021, only platforms using ISRG Root X1 (not DST Root CA X3, a system that will be deprecated) will be able to continue with Let’s Encrypt certificate validation.

Why thousands of devices won't be able to access the internet since October

On the website they provide a list of platforms that meet these requirements, support the latest version of ISRG Root X1, which can be updated to avoid connection problems.

  • Windows > = XP SP3
  • macOS >= 10.12.1
  • iOS >= 10 (not included in iOS 9)
  • iPhone 5 and above can be updated to iOS 10 to be compatible
  • Android >= 7.1.1 (although Android >= 2.3.6 will still work in some cases)
  • Mozilla Firefox > = 50.0
  • Ubuntu > = great / 16.04
  • Debian >= Jesse/8
  • Java 8 > = 8u141
  • Java 7 > = 7u151
  • NSS > = 3.26
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The biggest problem you will face Devices developed before 2017, such as cell phones, tablets, or computers. The only way to reverse this problem, according to the researcher, is to manually install a new certificate. One option is to do this via a USB device – they are left without an Internet connection – but it can be a bit complicated for most users.

Devices affected by this problem

phones with Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread or earlier versions will be affected. On Apple’s side, the iPhone or iPad they’re using could follow the same fate iOS version 9 or earlier. The truth is that they are very old fashion models.

In computers the problem will be for those who have Upgrading Windows XP with Service Pack 3, which will not enable the Internet connection. the same as Mac with macOS 10.12.0 or lower operating system.

On the video game hardware side, those affected are PlayStation 3, Nintendo 3DS and even some PlayStation 4 consoles Which has firmware update 5.0 or lower.

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