Why might Windows 11 not work on my old PC?

promotion to Windows 11 It may not be as easy as it seems. Microsoft’s new operating system, in addition to raising the minimum installation requirements, It will ask for TPM 2.0, a feature that provides additional hardware-based security and has been mandatory since 2016.

While the data was found in the leaked copy of Windows 11 indicate Which can be upgraded from older versions like Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, this can get complicated due to hardware requirements.

until the June 24On the day of the big Microsoft event, there will be no official information about Windows 11. However, the Filtrada Building Earlier this week he explained it Hardware requirements will be higher than Windows 10.

Minimum requirements to install Windows 11

  • dual core processor
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 64GB internal storage
  • secure boot
  • RPM 2.0

The first three requirements should not be a problem to install Windows 11 on PCs manufactured in the last decade. However, the picture changes with the last two, Secure Boot y TPM 2.0The latter is considered the most difficult to achieve in teams in a few years.

Secure Boot has been a mandatory security standard since 2013. It is a firmware responsible for verifying the signature of every element of the boot program, including UEFI firmware drivers, EFI applications, and the operating system.

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