Why is Real Madrid’s uniform white?

Real Madrid is one of the most influential and important clubs when it comes to talking about football. Well, in its history, it has 97 titles in total, on top of the vast majority of competitions it has played.

To highlight, among the trophies received by Real Madrid, he managed to achieve: 35 domestic championships, 20 Copa del Rey, 12 Spanish Super Cups, 1 League Cup, 14 Champions League titles, among others. The latter is most desired by all European clubs.

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The distinguishing feature of this club is that from the very beginning their clothes were white when the game was played.It is a fact that has caused great intrigue, as it is not known for certain why they wear this color, which represents peace, status, purity, elegance and perfection.

According to the PlanetaRealMadrid digital portal, this team, which has been named the best club in the world in the 20th century, was founded in 1902.

From that moment on, the creators and founders had already determined how to dress for each sporting event.

“For regular matches it will be dark blue, shorts and straights, a white blouse and dark socks; for extraordinary matches it will be trousers, a white blouse and black socks with holes and a belt in the national colours, and this uniform is complemented by a dark blue cap.”

Because of this fragment, it was known that Real Madrid, more than 120 years ago, wore white on its kits, Well, according to “Diario ABC,” the Madrid team uses this color in honor of the best “amateur” club in the history of the sport called Corinthian FC.

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This team is of English origin and was founded in 1882 in the capital of the United Kingdom and it is known that they have never competed at a professional level, so they have not won any sporting title or recognition.

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Of course, it is a well-known historical achievement that very few clubs have been able to achieve, since 1904, This team conceded 11 goals for the famous Manchester United, giving the final score 11-3.

For this recognition he would become famous all over the world, making teams bear his name and in this case paying tribute to the color they have been wearing for decades.

In addition, it can be said that Real Madrid’s white clothes have never changed in his life. Its owners say that this color brought them luck in most of the titles they achieved throughout their history. Well, this team is known to be called the greatest winner in the history of this sport.

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At present, Real Madrid is already finishing another season, As an interesting fact, it was rumored in the networks that their next home outfit would be wearing the same white as always, but with absolutely stunning detailing., as it likely bears derogatory streaks in a yellowish colour. This leak revolutionized her fans, who said that it would be one of the most beautiful ever released by the ‘Merengue’ club.

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